Sunday, December 23, 2012

Guest Post on Miss Omni Media - 'What I Want for Christmas, 2012'

Here's what on my (imaginary, crazy) wish list this year.


Last year my list was pretty crazy so this year's isn't too bad. Who am I kidding, like I should really expect to find those Ferragamo flats under my tree. It's always fun to think and write about my fantasy wishlist for It may be fantasy but it also give me hope and aspirations that this might just happen.

I would at least love to drive to Yountville just to see The French Laundry restaurant in person!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Elizabeth Street Cosmetics

This week on Miss Omni Media, I review San Francisco based cosmetic company Elizabeth Street Cosmetics. 

I am pleasantly surprised by the quality and pigment of this lipstick and gloss. Influenced by the holiday season, I went with a gorgeous wine lipstick and cranberry lip gloss that look wonderful together.

Click here for more and color swatches.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Steve Madden Olympiaa

"Cute, they look like high heeled tennies..." my coworker said to me when she first saw my wedge sneakers. Seriously, am I that woman that just invested $99 on a pair of high heeled tennies?

Yes, guilty as charged.

The wedge sneaker has been getting lots of play recently. They are currently offered in luxury department stores such as Neiman Marcus to budget friendly like Target. I hated the platform sneaker of yesteryear, and by that I mean back in 1997. The sole would be a solid white at about 3-4" and they just weren't cute. These sneakers have a hidden heel and it's a pretty modest height of 3".

I originally wanted the ASH leather pair of wedge sneakers but I am not going to spend $260 on them, and I honestly did try to justify that purchase. I couldn't face my husband if I actually went through with that purchase!

I exchanged two short booties (one taupe and one black) because of sizing issues and then these just happen to come my way. I kept thinking about these shoes as I was justifying keeping the black pair of suede booties but honestly they were too big for me and my socks kept slipping off my heels as I walked. And I couldn't stop thinking about these shoes.

They are suede and fabric, lace up with a velcro strap that keeps the shoe snug. The one complaint I have is that it takes some time to get your foot in, this is were a side or back zip would be helpful. The hidden wedge  is perfect for me to wear with my long boot leg jeans to work. When winter hit, I thought I had to stop wearing my favorite jeans to work because the only shoes I could comfortably walk in from the train station to the office where my wedge sandals. I would have to travel in flats or regular sneakers with my jeans rolled up unattractively so I could change into my higher heeled shoes at the office. With these Steve Madden shoes, I can wear my long jeans or work slacks unrolled to the office and then I can change into work shoes if needed.

Another thing to think about if you do invest in these shoes, if you buy the taupe they get dirty really easily. When I took these shoes home for the first time, I noticed that there was a gummy residue on the top right near the area where the fabric meets the suede. I tried cleaning it but I failed miserably. I really wished this was on the suede - it would have been easier to clean off and hide. I also hate that I was so lazy - I usually would have marched back angrily and asked for a clean pair. This is my fault. Please inspect carefully before taking them home.

They are really cute with my jeans. I'm learning to live with the stain. I just hope I don't accumulate more, but with my clumsy ass I am not holding my breath.

They are just as cute with my rolled up boyfriend jeans! I get tons of compliments from coworkers, other preschool moms and complete strangers.They do run a bit long in length but they are true to size. They are comfy as I have been doing lots of walking and I even wore them playing with my daughter at the park. 

Steve Madden Olympiaa - $99/USD

I purchased mine at Nordstrom. I am assuming these can be found in department stores where Steve Maddens are sold. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Miss Omni Media Guest Post for the Week of Dec. 3rd

Hello there,
This week on MISS, I try Jane Iredale cosmetics for the first time and I am pleasantly surprised. Also, I was surprised by their gorgeous packaging to their customers.

Click here, to see the products that were sent to me for my consideration.