Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Okay Daily Candy SF, you are officially off the hook!

I got an email today from Customer Service at Daily Candy. They sent a copy of my coupon for the $20 blowout/scalp massage at the new Dry Bar in Pac Heights, SF.

You know how I feel right now?


Paired with this awesome Borat picture, there's not much else I need to say!

Now I just have to make an excuse for my husband to take me out on date night so I can cash this coupon in!

The Dry Bar, SF (WIN), Daily Candy SF (FAIL!)

I first heard about The Dry Bar salon from Sabrina, at The Beauty Look Book. This salon does nothing but blowouts and up-do's - no cuts, no color. I noticed that these salons were predominately in Southern California (as well as Arizona and Texas) so I was all kinds of excited to discover that they were now in my neck of the woods - San Francisco, Pacific Heights to be exact. Daily Candy, SF is currently running a $20 special for a blowout/floater (10mn scalp massage). I did not hesitate to purchase this. I just wished I knew I'd end up paying full price once I checked out (more on that later).

How cute is that?

It is literally a bar setup - you sit at the bar and stylist stand behind you cranking out blow-outs in top speed. You choose from a menu of hair styles with cocktail inspired names. I went with the "cosmo-tai" a combination of loose and messy, beachy curls. I had a girls night out planned later so I was keeping my fingers crossed that my curls would last through the night.

I am still curious what a Bourbon on the Rocks might look like if it existed...
This place also likes to keep the champagne flowing. You are offered libations - champagne, mimosas, and the straight stuff - juices, waters infused with cucumber or strawberry. I stopped myself after two mimosas because I just came from an intense gym workout, I haven't eaten lunch and I still had to drive all the way back home and pick up my mini cupcake from her grandmother's house.

Watch out ladies - they like to get you liquored up here!

My stylist, Jamila assured me that she could make my curls last - I've heard that claim before but with my heavy, course, thick hair I wasn't going to get my hopes up too high. She was very sweet and she gave me a great scalp massage which is what I needed after a tough gym workout and a very long work week! Like the foot massage during a pedicure, a great scalp massage is worth the price of a salon visit. However, I felt a few minutes cheated from a promised 10 minute massage. For what it's worth - I was satisfied with a 7 minute scalp massage.

The products the salon uses are Moroccan Oil styling products and Living proof frizz  line. This was my first time using these products - I was quite pleased and my hair smelled like candy when Jamila was finished. She used a curling method while blowing my hair out with a boar bristle brush and then she curled my hair with a 1/2" barrel curling iron and then she sprayed me well. I need to invest in these products because when I do add curl or extra texture into my hair, it can look like a frizzy mess. These products kept my hair looking smooth and shiny! Even after my curls relaxed later into the evening. I retouched with my own hairspray for added insurance and still no frizz!

Here I am with fresh curls:

(pretty curly, I know)
Like I said I purchased a coupon from Daily Candy, SF. Until I realized I had forgotten my coupon. Then I was told that I could retrieve and show them the coupon on my phone. I searched and searched but I could not find the coupon. Trust me I went through a whole wave of emotions realizing that even though I bought a $20 coupon, I had to pay full price for a blowout/10mn massage for $45. In total, I paid $65 for my blowout. All the champagne in the world couldn't shake the annoying feeling I had. But I kept telling myself that it's there somewhere in my inbox - personal email or work email. If I had record of it in my bank statement then I know it's somewhere floating around in cyberspace.

Currently, I am still searching for my purchase confirmation email. It's almost like I never bought the coupon deal - it's pretty annoying. In the meantime, I am also waiting to hear back from Daily Candy customer service. I just hope they can redeem themselves, otherwise they lost me as a customer and follower!

But would I come back to Dry Bar even if I didn't find my coupon to cash in on another blowout/floater?

Judging from my hair before leaving the house:

(Loving the look better once the curl has cooled and relaxed)

That's a yes! And for the record, my hair held up well till I went to bed. The next day, I pinned it half way up in a messy Brigitte Bardot inspired look.

The Dry Bar, SF
1908 Fillmore Street, SF

Friday, June 24, 2011

Current obsessions....

Layering and wooden bracelets and sometimes layering my bracelets.
First the layering I've been into lately involves my blushes. Okay, maybe this is not a new concept to you but for me it's revolutionary. Not too long ago, I'd walk out with a done face without any blush. Either I didn't have the time but thinking about it now, I just never paid attention.

This made my cheekbones very sad.

Then I just started introducing very neutral pinks, roses and corals. Bronzing scared me at first but at the same time I was intrigued. There was a way that I could make my face look thinner? Sign me up! Also I am pretty tan to begin with (thanks to my Filipino/Dutch-Indonesian background) so I felt like I really didn't need it. But slowly but surely my bronzing collection along with my blush collection starting multiplying like bunnies!

I also use to have a hate towards the NARS Multiple. I know that sounds blasphemous to some but I just didn't understand how to use it properly. I thought it had to be a bold and the colors were never loud enough on my skin to make any sort of difference. Until I realized that it's the hint, subtle glow that it imparts as an accent that makes it a great thing to have in your arsenal.

Now I can't seem to leave my bathroom mirror until I have at least a layer of my NARS Multiple (South Beach) and a blush popped on top of it.

Sometimes, I travel with all this crap in my work bag:

My scapula hates me.

Here I am with layered cheek:

I went easy today - MAC's Virgin Isle CCB (peachy coral), NARS Orgasm blush (peachy pink w/gold shimmer) and of course, NARS Multiple in South Beach (shimmering apricot) tops of my cheekbones/temples. Quickly, I wanted to add that this is the only way I can wear the NARS Orgasm blush. Without it sititng top of a cream blush or peach powder blush it doesn't do much for me. I didn't do bronzer today - might have been a bit much.

I like to dedicate my new obsession to my little sister, Tatiana. She always has fabulous cheeks and she LOVES her blush. Unless, she's running late and putting on her makeup on the morning train. Great now I got that Sheena Easton song stuck in my head. I apologize now if I got it stuck in yours too!

Second, I'm in a big bracelet phase. I would just put on my wedding bands, cute earrings and call it a day. But I have been rocking a wrist full of bracelets and I have a feeling it has something to do with my husband.

You see he's big into woodworking - he's an architect and former carpenter. Yes, he's all kinds of creative and hands on. He orginally started designing and making bookshelves until asked him a few months back if he could make a wooden bracelet for me and he's been going at it nonstop.

Here's one that I'm wearing today:

(I love layering metal bangles with a wooden one)

It's made from a old chopping board that he made as birthday present many years ago. This is his effort to keeping it Green!

The two woods he used were maple and walnut. He used a clear lacquer gloss that  gives it a pearlized finish.

For this bracelet and others please see his site. There are only 3 items currently but he's going to try to add more and he can also ship internationally.

So glad it's Friday, aren't you?

Any fun plans in works?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Tom Ford (lipstick) Fail....(insert sad face here)

I am in the love category when it comes to Tom Ford. The Tom Ford years at Gucci are my favorite. I am hoping to score either a pair of TF sunglasses or fragrance since I don't see myself owning any of his apparel in this lifetime. I am still kicking myself for not seeing his first directed feature film, A Single Man (2009). So you can imagine how giddy I was when I learned he was going to release a lipstick line (Private Blends Lip Color) in conjunction with his fragrances. These originally launched last year.
So you can imagine my extreme giddiness when I discovered these were going to be sold at the Cosmetic Company Store that's across from my office for $31.50 vs. regular price - $45.

I was waiting for this moment. Look at this sexy lipstick case:

The color I chose:

(Moroccan Rouge)
It's not as dark in person as it is in this picture - perhaps a smidge lighter? It's a gorgeous blue based deep rose shade.

In my line up I really don't have a whole lot to compare this to so I was even happier that this shade is unique in my collection:

L to R:
Chanel Rouge Allure - Romantic (warm pinkish rose)
TF - Moroccan Rouge (cool bluish rose)
Burberry - Prune (neutral reddish plum)

On my lips (NC42)
It brightened up my face nicely.

It goes on smooth, good amount of slip and when the formula set it's comfortable and not at all drying. There's not a real discerning scent - maybe a light vanilla if you sniff hard. The pigment lasts! I got through a good solid three almost 4 hours without having to reapply. Good, right?

Okay so this is where it goes wrong.

By the end of the day, I found color settling in lines around my lips accentuating the dry areas - you need super smooth lips for this - exfoliation is key! And I am sad to report that the next morning my lips were itchy and peeling. I almost want to give this another try just because it's a pretty badass lipstick and I love Tom Ford.

Then again maybe it's a good thing that lipsticks over the $35 range don't play well with my lips - ie. (Guerlain). My wallet doesn't seem to mind (nor my husband).

I am sad but I'm still looking forward to the arrival of Tom Ford's upcoming color collection this Fall. The lipstick may be a fail but I am willing to give the rest of his collection a shot!

(photo from WWD.com)
Because I'm pretty sure my eyelids will welcome the luxurious pigment Mr. Ford can offer in a palette.

I will be practicing from now till then maintaining the sexy like Ms. Lara Stone captures below in Tom Ford's Beauty ad. I will need the confidence to pull off a bold eye and lip like this!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Silver Eyes

If you have read my blog semi-regularly, you know that I'm all about a sexy bronzy or antique gold eye. I decided to try out a silver look. Because it's a cool tone, sometimes it has the effect of making my eyes look like I have an eczema outbreak. My skin takes to the warm bronzes/gold easier. The irony, I own and wear more silver jewelry than gold.

I wanted to try the silver pigment, from the Crushed Metallic stackable pigment quad of MAC's Surf Baby collection.

It just looks a bit much - yes, perhaps I should have used a lighter hand but I have a feeling I would have added more just because that's the way I am. In the crease I added a soft gold brown (MAC Soba) and I layered a black with red shimmer (MAC Smut) on top of Soba and the outer V. I complete with MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and layers of Chanel Inimitable Mascara in Noir.

L to R:
Silver pigment (Crushed Metallic Pigment - MAC, Surf Baby collection)
MAC Soba
MAC Smut

By the end of the night, the area around my eyes looked irritated and I also looked 10 yrs older. It may take further convincing and experimentation to make this work. In the past I have worn silvers that have bordered on the cool bluish, gray side and that has worked. I guess I just can't pull of that Reynold's Wrap foil silver.

Do any of you guys love wearing bold silver shadows? Any suggestions?

Monday, June 20, 2011

I was a Girl at Bar...last Friday!

Yes, sometimes Moms do make it out of the house on a Friday night spontaneously! I get a text from a girlfriend that has not been out for impromptu cocktail night probably since her son was born - about 6yrs ago.

Clearly, I had to go since who knows when I'd get this kind of giddy text again.

I know it's been a while but yes - BOOZE Review is back!

The Scafflow from one of my favorite SF Restaurants - Gitane. This is a place I urge my husband to take me back to for date night - it's funky, in that 70's Euro-bohemian way and I find it super sexy! I also love it for cocktails just with the girls.

Back to the cocktail - 4 ingredients: Rye, Dry Vermouth, Grenadine, Lemon
So simple and oh so yummy - this is a type of drink for warm, balmy summer nights (which are far and few between in SF, sadly). Do not let the rye scare you. This would be a sneaker drink - the more you drink it, it will sneak up and knock you on your ass. Luckily, I just had one but I'm craving another! Before you sip, you smell the fresh lemon and a bit of sweetness from the grenadine - it's lovely. Then you sip, you don't get too much of a bite from the rye but the after taste lets you know it's there. My tried and true favorite cocktail, The Kentucky Buck has met its match!

The second drink I tried out was the Coctel Carnival: apple brandy, ramazzotti, caramel, amaretto, lemon

You're probably thinking that this would be an acoholic version of a caramel apple but actually it was stronger than it was sweet. I tasted a lot of the apple brandy above anything else and something that was oddly herbal. Then after some investigation, I discover it was the Italian bitter, Ramazzotti (blend of orange peel, anise, herbs and roots). Ramazzotti is a tonic and can be digested as an apertif or digestif. I'm still trying to decide if I like this one or not. Actually, I am glad it wasn't too sweet but I don't know if I like the mixture of this cocktail. I think I'm more of a fan of The Scafflow.

I may have to return to Gitane to do another taste sipping!

As you can see this rare occassion called for a dramatic smoky eye!

Happy Monday, I hope you all had a lovely weekend and those of you that celebrated, a great Father's Day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Half Assed on Friday

So I thought I would try out the hot pink eyeshadow shade, Woodstock in my UD Rollergirl palette. Then I realized, it's probably something I should try beforehand before I present a look to you.

Yes, it's pretty but a full on (intentional) pink eye might be a bit much at work.

So I chickend out and used it as an accent, outer V color.

(meh, I know)
 I have been feeling uninspired again - I need to look through my beauty books for a bit of wonder and inspiration. I'm sorry for such a meager offering.

So to make up for my lack of sufficient reading on a lovely Friday, please watch and shake your booty to this:

I hope we can still be friends!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Unique Beauty Icon

Born May 19, 1948, Spanish Town, Jamaica - the one and only Grace Jones.

She is definitely in a class all by herself. She is all androgynous angles but yet there's something about her that's raw and sexy. I can see why many fashion designers as well as cosmetic companies have drawn influences from her, as well as today's popstars.

With late, great artist, Keith Haring:


In her modeling days she shared an apartment with Jerry Hall:

 I can only imagine what those parties must have been like!

I remember seeing the video to her single "Slave to the Rhythm" as a little girl and being slightly freaked out by her image but I was fascinated at the same time.

I love the intensity of her blue-violet shadow.

While at Topshop in Barcelona about 3 yrs ago I jumped at the chance to buy this image on a T-shirt:


I know that recently Lady Gaga has been compared to her but I wouldn't even go there. Grace Jones cannot be compared to anyone else in the world than Grace Jones, herself.

The iconic Jean Paul Goude photo for her Island Life LP:

In films, she has played Bond Villainess, View to a Kill (1986), Barbarian warrior, Conan the Destroyer (1984) and role she was born to play - eccentric supermodel, Boomerang (1992)

My favorite Grace song:

A softer side of Grace that is absolutely mesmerizing:

The video that started my obsession:

I also have fond memories of this commercial:

I find her visually stunning to watch and at 61 years old she's still going!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Adding to my Summer Lip Repertoire....

I am a huge fan of sexy, glossy bronze glosses for the Summer. Actually, lipstick doesn't get a whole lot of play from me during the summer months.

Until now.

Please say hello to NARS, Hot Vodoo, a semi-matte described as a molten copper, frost

I love it because it looks a bit like a peachy, copper on my NC42/NARS Syracuse skintone.

Here's a picture I took of it with my other recent go-to NARS item, South Beach (shimmering apricot) multiple.

(bottom left corner my thumbnail - OPI Black Shatter on top of UD's Big Bang)
It really does help me create a summer state of mind while I freeze my ass off in foggy, cold Bay Area temperatures (Daly City, CA to be exact!) - BOO!!

On my lips without an additives: Lip pencil or gloss

It is pretty on it's own. If I wore it this way I'd go heavier with the eye makeup/blush.

And here it is with MAC Chestnut Lip Pencil (a rediscovered old favorite!) and NARS Sweet Revenge gloss (pink grapefruit)

After many years and seasons of wearing nude pink/beige, this is a refreshing look for me. It really helps define my lips. I also like wearing this with a defined eye (smoky brown or gold shadow w/black liner) and a coral blush (Gilda, of course).

Like all NARS lipsticks I have encountered in the past, this does not disrupt my uber sensitve lips and it has a staying power of up to 2.5 - 3 hrs, depending how much you are drinking while wearing and intensity of color. The scent (or lack of) has been described either plastic to herbal. Scents are so subjective, aren't they? All I know is that it really doesn't bother me none as long as they keep my lips smooth during continuous wear.

This is part of the NARS permanent collection. Why haven't I found this sooner? I guess I was too busy trying to hoard all the sheer pink, beige glosses I could get my grubby paws on!

Bought at Sephora
Retail - $24.00/USD

Friday, June 10, 2011

LOTD - Friday, 6/10/11

Happy Friday! I don't know about you but it's been one long ass week. If you are a cubicle monkey like me, you know what I'm talking about. Then again, I'm pretty sure you college students appreciate a good Friday as well - I know I did as a SF State student.

Keeping up with my new favorite book - NARS' Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself.

I decide to break one of my rules - never wear dark lips with black lined eyes (top/bottom lashlines). The makeovers I have been loving in this book were the ones that featured a strong defined smoky eye paired with an equally strong lip. Now, I would normally reserve this look for date nights or nights out with the girls. But why should I have to wait, right? Then again, I should use this look as a hint to the Mr. 920 that he needs to step it up and take me out on date night again!

I have been wearing this baby for a few days and I tested it out with both the traditional way I would wear it along with smoky eyes. And I am proud to say that I now love wearing a strong lip with my black lined smoky eyes.

Here's NARS Flair (Burnished Berry/Sheer finish):

(NC42/NARS Syracuse - for reference)

To really deepen this color, I have been wearing this with MAC's Chestnut (intense brown) liner and topped with NARS Ophelia (strawberry nectar)  just in the center of my pout for a bit of shine and shimmer.

The result is a lovely maroon shade.

(paired with smoky eyes for work)

Eyes - NARS Tzarine duo, MAC Coquette in crease, NARS Eyeliner Stylo in Nuit Blanches softened with black pan in the NARS Pandora duo, Chanel Inimitable Mascara, Black

Cheeks: NARS Multiple - South Beach (shimmering apricot) layered with NARS Gilda (coral)

And here it is worn in my usual comfortable way - clean, lined eyes:

I think I just mixed NARS Alhamra (golded champagne) with Abyssina (pearl sheen) then applied with my MAC #239 brush from top lashline to brow bone. I used MAC's Texture (peachy brown shimmer) in my crease. Then I lined the top lashline with NARS Eyeliner Stylo and smudged with Pandora (black) to soften line.

I think in this picture I only used South Beach to highlight. I'm sure at some point of the day I popped just a touch of Gilda blush.

I am loving this lip look. I can't wait to try out more color ideas from this book. What I'm really loving is the challenge to find dupes in my existing (MAC) stash to help recreate looks in this book.

They may not be exact dupes but they become MY translations of his looks.

And that's what Monsieur Nars wants from his fans, right?

Because it's Friday, I'd like to celebrate with a 90's flashback hit:

It came on the other day while I was at the gym training with my trainer. We both started confessing our love for Mr. George Michael. Then in my head I was prancing around like Naomi Campbell, pre-bat shit crazy, throwing cellphones at her hired help, days!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finding My Inspiration

So last Saturday, one of my girlfriends and I head to Saks in Downtown SF and were treated to a NARS makeover. I must be on speed dial for certain NARS sales associates at various retailers because I am often contacted when the National Makeup Artist for the line is in town. This also coincided with Saks beauty event - free beach tote with a purchase of $85/over.

I won't go into a whole lot of detail of my makeover with Hank Hoffman, who's worked with J Lo, Kim Kardashian, you know pretty much the Hollywood Bombshell set. Naturally, I felt that I was in good hands. I will say that he's got me craving the Exotic Dance duo - he applied both shades on my lids with his fingers - mixed them together to give it a wet appearance. He must have blended 7 colors in total on my eyes - I got compliments from every sales associate that walked passed me and my girlfriend just gushed over how much she wished Hank would have done her eyes as well. But to the defense of her M.A. she used the Dogon duo on her and it was just as lovely. Dogon looked so different on her than on me.

Here's a peek of Hank's work:

(YES, it's very KIM K!)

From what I can remember Exotic Duo (both sides layered) was used and applied with his fingertip. Then I believe he used Sophia/New York in  the crease. Daphne was also layered on top of Sophia in the outer V. He used Eyliner Stylo in Nuits Blanches to line 3/4 on my top and bottom lashlines. He softened the cat eye with Pandora (black side).

He used Torrid (coral shimmer) blush on me - still thinking about picking that one up because you know I can never have enough NARS blushes - and then he also layered this into my crease.

Yeah, he's crazy like that.

So what did I pick up?

After much debate and inner turmoil, I only picked up the book - Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself. And I am so happy that I did. I could have easily spend over a $100 dollors on more product but this book is actually a new inspiration for me. I love looking at these pictures and I really love the acetate transparent overlay with notes and diagrams where certain shades where applied. It acts as a beauty blueprint. I love how he uses Women and Men of various ages and ethnicities so you can see how color translates and anyone can really use the same shade if they are creative and patient enough to experiment. And because the NARS S.A. is a big sweetheart she still gave me the giveaway bag with a travel sized NARS Makeup Primer w/SPF 20. This is why it pays to be a regular!

Thinking back on Hank's shadow technique - using his fingers - I know this is not revolutionary but it's something I don't do often. I apply this technique on a duo that hasn't seen the light of day in months.

The glitter bomb that is Hula Hula.

Left side is a pretty golden rose and the right side is like a golden hazelnut (it's a bit brighter in person). What's really apparent are those CHUNKS of GLITTER! I know that a lot of bloggers and I have faced challenges with this duo. Do you use Fyrinnae's epoxy or UDPP or even TFSI? I just layered it on top of TFSI (Two Faced Shadow Insurance) on my lids applied the right side first and then I layered the golden pink on top of that. I then took MAC's Showstopper (Matte blackened brown) and applied it into my crease and outer V. I line with the Eyeliner Stylo and apply the black side of Pandora to soften the line - top and bottom lash line. I apply many coats of Chanel's Inmitable mascara in Black as my last step.

I am pretty sure I used Abyssinia as my brow bone highlight - I just remember mentioning that now. Yes, I still see glitter fallout because it's pretty inavoidable with this duo but for the first time I'm not annoyed. I'm just excited that this book has got me excited to play with my makeup again. Also, not just with my NARS collection but everything I have will get a chance to come out of hiding.

But it also created new cravings to colors I never thought about using. Luckily the colors I am now obsessing over are part of the NARS permanent collection.

Bought at Saks but it's also available online - $45/USD.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blue Noon vs. Float on By

I wanted to briefly compare this summer's teal pencil offering from MAC's Surf Baby with last summer's To the Beach collection.

Float on By - Top
Blue Noon - Bottom

For a shade that has the word Blue in it's title, it looks a bit more green, don't ya think? Or maybe it's just the way  it registers on my (NC42) skin.

Blue Noon on my waterline smudged lightly.

Float on By on my waterline.

As subtle as their differences may be, I think I'm starting to like Float on By more. I feel like it's more vibrant on my eyes - a brighter sheen, whereas Blue Noon just looks like a flat aqua green liner on me. Because I don't have a color like Blue Noon in my stash, I am leaning on keeping it.

I could totally change my mind by tomorrow morning.

They wear about the same amount of time - I apply first thing in the morning around 6:15AM and I won't touch it up again until after my lunchtime workout (12:30ish). It's just a matter of intensity preferences.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Silver Shatter

Okay, the other day I posted pictures of OPI's Black Shatter well today I give you the Silver Shatter, released with the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.

Base color - OPI Lucky Lavendar (released last year - Hong Kong, Spring '10)

I showed my co-worker who loves a good nail art look and her thoughts were, "at first glance your nails look raggedy" Not what I was looking for but I knew what she meant. We both agreed that this might look better on top of a darker color for a starker contrast plus because I have a deeper skintone so that might translate better.

The jury is still out. As my husband said, "I like this one less that the other one you tried"

I told him just for that I'm going to wear this everyday for a month. I like being a smart ass to him any chance I can get.

The feeling is mutual.

Silver Shatter by OPI
I purchased this bottle at my local Pure Beauty for $8.50/USD

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Can I Get Away With This?

At first, I was really shunning the idea of the whole "crackly, black, shattered" effect on nails. But the more I read about and seen pictures of this polish, I started to obsess over this new trend.

I know, I need to practice on my application technique as I'm still on the fence with this look. When I look down at my hands all I can think of is "Am I trying to look like I hang out at the mall all hours of the day?"

But with the reassurance of my colleagues (older and same age as me), it's a cool effect.

What I do know for sure is that I'm LOVING this blackened green/purple duo chrome polish my sister gifted me this past Mother's Day.

From the Katy Perry, OPI collection:

Not Like the Movies
This color is awesome. Not only does it have that cool duo chrome quality but it's also a metallic polish that has some fine glitter to it. It applies on the sheer side and I did end up with some visible nail lines so I applied three layers.

(LOVING this color!!)
**When using the black shatter polish please make sure your base color is completely dry. Also, use a top coat since it dries pretty flat and matte**

My final assessment - I can't wait to experiment with more colors and just to really test myself, I bought the silver shatter that came out with the OPI Pirates of the Carribean collection. More to come!

Purchased at Pure Beauty - $8.50/USD - 0.5 oz