Monday, April 29, 2013

Rock Your Hair!

Disclaimer - the following products were sent to by the Rock Your Hair PR department for my consideration

I received this box in the mail a few weeks ago:

It's something that JWoww and Snookie and quite possibly the girls in Jerseylicious would swoon over. I guess I was thinking that I was suffering from boring flat hair because I agreed to review the new Rock Your Hair styling line.

Rock Your Hair is the new collection by Michael O'Rourke, the same man that brought us the Sexy Hair product line. Judging from the packaging, this new line is going to take your Sexy Hair a few notches...NORTH.

I open the box with glee because after all, I am a sucker for packaging. So when it's pink, leopard and bedazzled with rhinestones...well, I'm just a giddy little girl. Ugh, I'm just like my daughter in the Barbie/Disney Princess section of Target.

I got full size bottles of hair spray, leave-in spray conditioner, root lifter and volumizing hair powder

Oh and I even got sample sizes of shampoo and conditioner:

Just because they're travel sized doesn't mean there isn't room for rhinestones, honey!

These products are meant for all hair types - normal, oily, dry, color treated. That's a very tall order so I was a bit skeptical. I have a dry scalp and my ends can be on the dry side. I was really curious to try these products.

I first tried the shampoo and conditioner. My first impression wasn't great - the scent reminds me of aerosol hair spray I used in the 80's in Jr. High. The shampoo does lather well and the conditioner detangled my hair pretty well.

I still used my usual setting spray just because it's very soothing on my scalp and it's another layer that helps detangle my hair even more. I lightly spray a styling lotion just to protect my strands from my blow dryer. Next is the Rock Your Hair Root Lifter. I sprayed it to my roots and it's like a mousse in spray form. I work it in my scalp with my fingers.

I blew my hair out with a vented paddle brush to speed up the dry time. Once my hair was 85% dry, I then used a big barrel brush at the crown of my head to add height. I did feel a great amount of volume. However, my ends were still a bit fluffy. I am not a fan of fluffy frizz. I had to take my flat iron to smooth out my ends a bit.

I then took some finishing oil for extra polish and shine. I did like the extra volume but the big roots were just a bit much for me. I had to smooth out the top just a touch.

Here's my 2nd attempt with the products listed above:

The front is a bit more lifted. But surprisingly my ends aren't as fluffy. I am pretty sure I could have went bigger but I wanted to try this out for work. For a fun night out, this product line will deliver bad girl fullness - just make sure you are not shy to use a teasing brush to add some extra height to the crown. And don't forget to use that hairspray like you mean it.

Speaking of which, the Spray it Hard hairspray will keep your hair in place. I used it to tame flyaways and keep my ponytail in place. I looked smooth and polished the whole day - it was a solid hold. However, when sprayed applied lightly and in a wand-like motion you can still run your fingers through your hair.

I didn't find anything too special with the Miracle Leave-in Conditioning spray - it did smell nicer than the shampoo/conditioner. It does what it says - detangles and smooths your hair. The volumizing hair powder feels cool and moist in your palms and help add volume and texture to your hair when you need to refresh your hairstyle from office to happy hour or after a grueling lunchtime workout. Both of these products have a light fresh, floral scent.

I was pleased with the results of these products but I wasn't really bowled over either.The packaging is girly and fun. The trifecta of the shampoo, conditioner and root lifter really does deliver. I'm sure you can really load up the volume with a teasing comb - it's just not really my everyday style. I do like having some volume in my hair but I'm more of sleek lock kind of girl.

However, it is fun to turn up the volume and really have fun with your hair!

For pricing, store locations and general info - click here.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This week on MissOmniMedia....April 8

One of my favorite posts are recreating looks so this week on MissOmniMedia, I attempt to recreate a runway look for the Lisa Perry A/W 2013 show.

To see my version click here.

Remember, you never have to use exact same products and colors to recreate a look - you should always be inspired and moved by it. This is how you put your own spin on it - don't lose yourself in a new look.

Have fun and remember it's just makeup. Keep makeup remover nearby!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

See by Chloe

In my journey of fragrance discovery, I have lost myself. I lost myself in a world of fantastic woods, musk, amber, leather, iris and other exotic concoctions that would transport you into mystical far off places or sometimes it would just conjure memories of the scent of the interior of your grandmother's leather purse as you were searching for a piece of candy - with her permission of course!

Along the way, I wrote of the familiar, conventional scents that lead me here - florals and fruits. How pedestrian...I'm a fragrance nomad...I will travel to specialty shops just to discover little known brands. I'm way passed friendly, girly scents.

That's what I thought but as I stumbled across one of my favorite fragrance blogger's recommendation on her Facebook page - she told one of her friends to check out one of the latest department store offerings...

See by Chloe

I then asked her, "seriously?" This woman has discerning taste in fragrances that aren't quite mainstream. She then told me to just trust her and I'll never doubt her again. So when I found myself at my local Nordstrom, I saw the cute birdcage like glass bottle and smelled. Nothing really special but it wasn't offensive either - it didn't bother me. There's nothing really complex about this scent - with one spray you get woods, some lush white florals, and then a tart green apple bite. Before this can turn cloyingly sweet or overtly fruity, the musk kicks in and the dry  down is milky with traces of vanilla. It has moderate projection, which makes it perfect for a day of back to back meetings at the office. It has impressive staying power - at least four hours. Then again I'm impressed if anything lasts longer than three hours on me.

This may be targeted to the young, feminine market but I learned a lot since immersing myself in the fragrance world. Such as, any fragrance can and should be embraced by all ages and genders.

I'm just glad I did let my guard down to stop and give this one a shot and I'm really glad I did. That'll teach me to think I'm uppity fragrance snob, especially since I still love a great coconutty or fruity Victoria Secrets body lotion in the Summertime!  Plus, I'll never give away my giant bottle of (the epitome of sweet, floral and girly) Juicy Couture because it was the only scent I wanted to wear while pregnant with my daughter almost five years ago and it was a prop used by my husband to propose to me.

See by Chloe, released in 2013
Comes in three different sizes: 30, 50 and 75mls - $58-$98/USD
Created by Michel Almairac, also the nose behind Bottega Venetta, select Bond No. 9 scents, Burberry Body for Women and also Chloe and L'eau de Chloe.

Fragrance sample procured by yours truly from my local Nordstrom to review.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mini M.A.C.

My daughter's birthday, my wedding anniversary, Halloween, Girl Scout Cookies...these are my favorite times of the year. Just recently I added one more - Nordstrom Triple Points weekend! 

I really try to make my purchases count at this time since you earn triple the points per dollar you spend. So I was lucky enough to have space on my account for some Chanel eye cream and this little lovely:

Rebecca Minkoff's Mini M.A.C. Shoulder Bag:

I have been craving a Rebecca Minkoff purse since the first time I laid my heavily kohl lined eyes on her M.A.B. -  'Morning After Bag' about seven years ago. Although I didn't have the funds to let me go big this time, I decided to go a bit modest with my first RM piece. 

And it is a small bag, perfect for weekend brunches, date night or any other occassion that doesn't call for stashing a large wallet filled with coupons or snacks for your daughter. I suspect that you can use this for work if you are light traveler. I think that's one of the reasons why I bought this - I need to start packing less. 

Here's a peek inside:

With two small interior pockets and a small zip pocket in front covered by the buckle closure, this is a slim purse. But don't let the size fool you - it is heavy due to the chain link strap. I read some customer complaints that long hair will get snagged easily by this strap and that hasn't happened to me...yet. It's a long strap that easily converts to a cross-body bag for hands free capabilities - when you are traveling or a parent, sometimes this is all it takes to sell a bag. 

Here's what I can stash when using this bag:

I stash my large Droid phone in the pink Kate Spade wristlet, along with some credit cards and some cash. I can also fit a small coin purse filled with change and my train pass. The chunky key chain surprisingly fits as well. And this is the biggest challenge- my touch-up makeup options. I need a mirror so a compact or blush will do. There's no room for options so I commit to a lipstick/gloss duo for the day. Not shown - my asthma inhaler, another item that needs to fit into any bag I carry with me because I never know when I'll be stuck in a car or closet with three long haired persian cats. 

I was debating about trading this in for a larger more practical RM purse when I can afford it but I really love this bag. I'm also happy I chose the Periwinkle shade over traditional black or brown. I have to give my 4 yr old daughter credit for selecting the color. 

Well she also chose the pink one but I'm not a 4 yr. old girl or Paris Hilton.

I purchased this purse at my local Nordstrom department store where I am known by all the makeup sales associates.