Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Winter Jewel

So for my current manicure I went with a shade from China Glaze's Fall Collection - Vintage Vixens. I selected Emerald Fitzgerald. It's described as a turquoise green frost with shimmer. I feel this crosses over very nicely into the Holiday season.

Until recently, I didn't really embrace full on color on my nails - I delegated dark colors to my toes only. I went through a french manicure phase - I know some of you may regard that as tacky but on natural nails it can be a very clean and polished look. Now I feel that cold weather and long nights call for deep, strong colors. Luckily I work in an enviroment where I'm not judged by nail color - my bosses are still trying to accept my cherry blossom wrist tattoo but I know I've won that battle.

YAY for fun nail colors!

I got this done on Saturday and I'm sad to report that my nails are chipping pretty severly. Maybe it's because I should have reapplied a top coat yesterday but I do try to preserve my color as long as possible to get my money's worth. I am considering trying out the colored gel polishes that's supposed to last a full 2wks but at this point I'm a bit afraid since over extended acrylic use in my past caused damage to my right thumbnail. My left was damaged as well but just as of a few months ago, I am happy to report that it's now healed. I am still waiting for my right thumb to heal.

As for my toes - I took a break from greys, purples and the ever popular 'greige' and went with a deep, blackened wine. Here's Rescue Beauty Lounge - Film  Noir.

Sorry if I frightened any readers with my long toes - this is a huge step for me to show just a portion of my feet! But it's worth it just share this color with you!


  1. OH MY GOD, YOUR TOES are actually totally unfrightening, unlike my hairy, dry beasts. I am currently wearing a color called 'thick socks' by 'American Eagle Outfitters'.

  2. Ha thanks Sarvi - I always hated my long monkey toes!

    1. I like your feet! You should show us more of them1

  3. Are you kidding? long toes are sexy, just look at old greek sculptures. You have really pretty feet.

  4. Very cute feet. You should show them off more often. They're perfect. Well, the left one is, at least.

  5. Your toes are cute.... Try showing them in different colors