Monday, April 7, 2014

Bb hair powder!

Doing something a little different by taking a break from makeup and focusing on my love for Bumble hair products, namely a new hair powder the company introduced.

Honestly, one of the best purchased I have made early this year. I have used Bumble for many years and I have even taken breaks switching brands because every now and then I like to experiment and see what else is out there. I try products from every price point - drugstore, salon and specialty department stores. But I always come back to Bumble and bumble.

As you can read from the bottle "it's equal parts dry shampoo, style extender and volume in a pinch" and I couldn't agree more.

From the Bumble and bumble site, here are the main components:

Polysilicone-22: a new hybrid silicone powder which specifically targets oils and absorbs them while remaining invisible on the hair.Helps to provide dry cleansing, leaving hair clean and refreshed.
  • Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Tapioca Starch, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour : Natural starches that provide absorbency and act as bulking ingredients. They help to provide texture and volume to the hair. Helps to provide dry cleansing, leaving hair clean and refreshed.
  • Silica : Very lightweight, absorbent powder that remains transparent on the hair. Helps to remove oil and other impurities from the hair.
  • Montmorillonite : a natural clay from the Poitou-Charentes region of France that absorbs oil to dry cleanse.
  • As you know, I have tried many dry shampoos - even reviewed them here but it never really pumped up the volume of my hair quite well as this powder. 
  • I apply directly at the roots at the top of the crown and also a few layers underneath. If I am applying after a sweaty workout, I also apply at the sides of my head (temples) where I tend to sweat a lot. I was instructed by my stylist to shake the bottle and apply it to my hair as if I was shaking salt to season my food. This is not as easy as it sounds (for me at least). But with enough practice, I'm finally getting the hang of it. This doesn't leave a heavy scent as some dry shampoo sprays but along with absorbing oil from my scalp, it also help absorb some odor. 
  • Now $26/USD for just 2oz may sound like a lot but trust me a little does go a long way. Especially if you have dark hair like me. Apply sparingly and rub it in vigorously. Add more if needed, ha, just like salt! Okay, anyway...this is the one product I can count on to give me full, sexy, bed head hair. Blast some heat from your blow dryer, if accessible, to really amplify volume.I finish with just a touch of hair oil to the tips of my hair to smooth any frizzy strands. 
  • I really love how this adds extra texture and grip to the hair. It really aids when I want to do a ponytail with a bit of height on the crown. It also adds wonder to top-knot days.
  • I used it here on a freshly shampooed hair:

  • And here it is on second day hair:

  • Not as full but not bad considering this was after a particularly sweaty (at home) gym session. 
  • I even got great service from my cafeteria one morning after using this product to freshen up my unshampooed post-workout 'do. Yes, the cafeteria at my work and yes, food is free but I did get extra small talk, pleasantry and maybe even more eggs in my breakfast as usual! 
  • I can imagine the possibilities if I were still a single gal at bar with glorious sexy hair but I'm now mom at home drinking whiskey shots on my kitchen counter top with my lovely husband while our adorable daughter is sleeping. 
  • My husband does love when I vamp it up with big hair and smoky eyes, he is from New Jersey after all. But then again he loves me in the morning with a bare face, glasses and flat hair. 
  • Thanks Bumble for giving me a product to remind me that I can be vixen no matter the situation and location! I'll definitely be back for more once I spray the sad last shot of powder on to my limp locks. 
  • Available at salons and specialty stores that carry Bumble and bumble brand. 
  • I bought this from my stylist, Melvin Burns and do check him out and his fabulous staff if you are looking for a new look in the SF area:
  • Also check out the Bumble site for styling tips and my favorite, style product recipes. Also, the how-to videos are awesome and really inspire me to experiment with the way I apply my products and blow out my hair.