Friday, August 8, 2014

NARS Celebrates 20 years of Audacious Beauty

I am so excited for virtual calendar to read September 1st, however, I do miss hearing the sound of paper tearing as you welcome the new month. Luckily the news I'll be blasting will help me get over that.

As some of you know, I am a huge NARS fan girl. I always dream of meeting Monsieur Francois Nars to thank him personally for changing the way I embrace makeup and his intense colors just celebrate women of all skin tones. But mostly for creating a lipstick line that for once didn't dry out my lips or make them itch and feel raw the next morning.

He one upped himself. How, you ask? By paying tribute of the introduction of his namesake brand, launching a collection of 12 unforgettable lipsticks, by launching a new lipstick collection of course!

The Audacious Lipstick Collection.

The innovative, pigment-rich formula delivers and intesnse, full-coverage finish in a single stroke, while nutrient rich ingredients are known to smooth, moisturize and volumize. The 40-shade collection features a full range of provocative hues from neutral nudes to striking reds and bold pinks. I dug in a little deeper about the formula and finish. I was told that the formula is a cross between a satin and the cinematic finish lipstick from the holiday/Guy Bourdin collection. I adored that collection because not only was the lipstick was emollient but the pigment was intense. I can't wait to receive my sample!

We didn't even talk about packaging. As you also know, I am quite the packaging whore and really not ashamed to admit it. I just wish I could keep my bathroom/bedroom clean at all times so I can invite my girlfriends and sisters to just look at some of the amazing stuff I have accumulated because I thought the packaging was just so cool or adorable!

The Audacious Lipsticks are housed in a modern, matte-black metallic case with a magnetic closure, the specially designed sculpted bullet is embossed with the NARS logo. I really love the original simple matte black finish with the white NARS text square lipstick tube. They are just so chic, cool and because of the rubber matte finish feel of the tube, it's also a little punk. I really can't wait to get this in my hands!

Didn't I say that already? Yes, that's how excited I am!

The colors really run the gamut to sultry wines, burgundy, hot pink, romantic rose pink, seductive reds to even wearable, office safe reds to corals and of course my favorite - nudes! You'll have no excuse of not being able to find a shade to suit your needs and moods. To incite just that more obsessive behavior, 10 shades of the collection are exclusive only to Barneys New York stores.

The face of the collection is also something to talk about. It's no other than the renowned actress Charlotte Rampling. Celebrated for her work in films like, "Farewell My Lovely," "Swimming Pool," "Angel Heart," "Stardust Memories," but she is probably best known for the controversial film, "The Night Porter." Just do a online search and a certain film still will pop up and you'll see why. Actually, the same image will probably pop-up when you enter her name in any search engine.

Because of her bold choices and independent spirit, Charlotte has created fascinating characters on-screen. Charlotte's individual, daring style and natural elegance on and off the camera made her the perfect fit to embody the Audacious Lipstick Collection.

The Audacious Lipstick Collection will debut September 1, 2014 at NARS boutiques and Retailer exclusive shades available September 1, 2014 at Barneys New York.

Retail - $32/USD