Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Booze Review - 2/16/2013

Yay, booze review! This is the one time my guy friends feel okay to openly make comments on my otherwise  pink, fluffy, girly blog. I know I don't do these very often but like some of my guy friends that like these posts, I have a family and I can't just make an appearance at a hip, newish bar on a Tuesday night.

Lucky for you, I had a belated Valentine's dinner back on Saturday, 2/16 which allowed me to try a few drinks. I had to twist Mr. Lex's arm to drive us back home - luckily, he didn't put up too much of a fight.

I give you the Old Bittered Monk, Prospect - SF:

Look at that light gorgeous amber color. I has just one generous ice cube to give it the right amount of chill and it didn't overly water down my rye cocktail. The thick generous orange peel gives it a concentrated orange flavor. This is delicious, I was sad when I was finished and I can't wait to go back for more.

Old Overholt Rye, Amaro Nonino, Yellow Chartreuse, Orange Bitters

This is the first time I heard of Old Overholt Rye and with some research, I need to go out and buy a bottle, not just because it's cheap (can go for $14) but it's a bit on the fruity side and nobody will give you a dirty look if you add some ginger-ale to it as opposed to a Rittenhouse Rye or something fancy like that.

Next up - Eve's Abandon, RN74

Ingredients: Applejack, Rye, Lemon, Mulling Spice and Egg white

It's frothy and almost like a pisco sour but with rye and is not as sour. I like the fragrance of this cocktail. Applejack, I believe is an apple liquor, along with the mulling spice it is reminiscent of a fall dessert. I would drink this one again.

And last but not least, Death in France, RN74

Ingredients: Yellow Chartreuse, Sparkling Wine, Yuzu, Orange

At first sniff, it is fruity, bright and citrusy. This is what you drink at brunch, not end the night that involved pork, bacon marmalade and rye. I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered this drink. I think I just wanted to mix it up but after drinking two full flavored drinks, this was just not logical. It is sweet from the Yellow Chartreuse liquer but it also has a bit of a herbaceous bite. The yuzu gives some tart flavor and the orange keeps you from making a pucker face while sipping.

Would I drink this one again? Only if I return to RN74 during lunch hour and if my meal involves an egg scramble with bacon, naturally.

NARS 413 BLKR Multiple

I've been slacking - I know it's a real NEWS FLASH! I am trying to catch up so cut me some slack. I wrote a review for the latest NARS Multiple exclusive - 413 BLKR for

NARS being NARS this is anything but a delicate spring shade. It's a very sultry shade that also makes an excellent lip stain leaving you look effortlessly cool and sexy. 

For more pics and purchasing info, click here.

Thanks again to the very generous Sara and PR folks at NARS for graciously sending me samples to review. I can't tell you enough that it's like Christmas every morning at my office when I receive my samples. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pretty Pink Lips for Valentine's Day, Day 3

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have something special planned, whether you are single or attached I think it's just splendid to share love with those closest to you.

Not a warm and fuzzy partaker of all things red and pink hearts? Um...Happy Thursday?

Okay so what did I wear on my lips this day?

Hot pink of course!

The matte lip pencil to line my lips in Never Say Never (pink lilac), pure matte lipstick in Carthage (hot pink) and to top it off Easy Lover (sheer hot pink). Never Say Never is a softer pink so it tones down Carthage for the office. Even though both formulas are matte finishes they both set on my lips pretty comfortably but I like a light layer of gloss just for a bit of sheen.

I apologize - lighting is a bit dark here. Trust me, Carthage is pretty bright in person and to really set it off I recommend a bright pink lip liner or More To Love, MAC Pro Wear Liner (I featured yesterday). I'm thinking about ordering 413 Bleeker Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, fuchsia pink.

Again, I apologize for the low lighting. I am still trying to experiment with lighting in different rooms. Yes, I need to invest in brighter lighting. I will say that with my soft pink flower sweater and pink lips, I was in a Valentine's Day mood all day! And yes, it even made me smile. 

Unfortunately, that smile didn't last as I went into the office and was immediately annoyed by all the work and messages waiting for me. However, thinking about my two biggest Valentines, Mr. Lex and mini-cupcake which I will now rename, PrincessDivaGirl (self-explanatory) put a smile back on my face.
We didn't do anything big and special tonight because to us it was Thursday and spending special times with the two biggest loves of my life is pretty much every night. 

I hope you had a great and lovely Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two Thing I Normally Don't Like Together in One...Day 2, Valentine Lip Theme

So here are two things I normally don't care for:

MAC Lipglass and Nicki Minaj.

And why am I giving this topic any of my free time? I actually bought the latest Nicki Minaj Viva Glam lipglass! Ugh...did I really buy this cool pastel pink lavender gloss that I have complained about being too think and uncomfortable in the past?

Yeah, I did.

I was in the middle of debating whether or not to get one of the best-selling shades, Rebel, (a deep pink berry) and the MAC MA told me to try the latest Nicki lipglass on top of it. Being the polite girl that I am, I said okay give me a tester wand.

Lo and behold, I loved it! Here it is on top of Rebel:

I love how it gives a great pink sheen in the middle of my pout. Ugh, those MAC girls...they are so evil!

I even spied it on one of the other MAC girls, she applied on top of More to Love (pink fuchsia) Pro Longwear lip liner pencil. Yes, I had to try this look on for myself:

Again, I just adore how it leaves a light subtle lavender pink sheen just in the middle of my lips. It lightens up the look just right. I am learning to get use to the thickness of this gloss. I don't apply too much and I keep it in the middle of my pout. 

And how does it look on it's own:

Pretty pastel and if worn alone, I get the worse case of corpse lips. If you are a fair gal, this would be adorable on it's own but if you're a bit swarthy like me, you'll need help to carry this shade off.

I guess I need to stop being a bitter old hater and to give things I normally toss aside another try. Once upon a time, I couldn't leave the house without my Nymphette and Oh Baby lipglasses in my cute little backpack, hey it was 1996 at the after all! I guess my lips just needed a long break.

As for Nicki, I appreciate what she's trying to do in today's music world and I know she has a fan base among girls of all ages, especially crazy singing dancing little girls on the daytime talk show circuit. My 4 year old daughter likes her pink wigs and crazy bright pink lipsticks.

Me, on the other hand, I'm still on the fence...I guess I'll never understand.

God, I'm old....

Lipglass, Viva Glam Nicki 2 - ($15/USD) sold at department stores featuring the MAC brand as well as freestanding MAC boutiques.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Themed Lips, Day 1

Okay, I'm a day late kicking off this Valentine Lip themed week. I have a valid excuse, I was sick and still am. I just didn't want another day to go by without me attempting to show my Valentine's Day spirit.Yes, it's a Hallmark created holiday and one of the most dreaded day by bitter singles, partners and men! But being the hopeless romantic that I am, I love it. I don't expect getting presents, it's nice when my husband does surprise me with a little something, I just enjoy the multi-colored heart decorations, buying the little Valentine cards for my daughter's class and of course the traditional colors - red and pink.

I wanted to focus on pink, plus I've been rocking a pink lip pretty hard lately.

So for day 1 of Valentine themed lips, I give you MAC Cremesheen, Speed Dial.

A permanent fixture in the cremesheen lineup, this light bluish pink is my definition of the perfect Barbie pink lipstick. I know that's a very subjective claim but I'd say this is a daytime Barbie pink lip whereas a nighttime Barbie pink is brighter and maybe lean towards the fuchsia side of the fence.

And here it is on me, without a lip liner:

I know it looks a bit cool on me but with a heavier black lined eye, this ties a 60's inspired look together. This also looks great with Soar lip liner, I'll be featuring that pinkish brown pencil later this week, it takes a warmer tone.

I know that red is the more traditional Valentine's day color for lips but red has gotten lots of attention the past Fall/Winter season that I think I'm ready for the warmer months ahead, so I've been really craving a sweet pink lip look.

I definitely got it with Speed Dial

Speed Dial ($15/USD) is part of the permanent cremesheen lipstick collection for MAC. This can be found at department stores that carry the MAC brand and it can be found online.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This week on MissOmniMedia and La Chanelphile!

I take a stab at reviewing the latest exclusif Chanel fragrance and I am so proud that it's also featured on La Chanelphile...I'm honored!

This is a very gorgeous and feminine scent perfect to usher in Spring and Summer. I am huge fan of the Les Exclusif Chanel fragrance collection. They are hard to come by as you have to purchase them at Chanel boutiques. I know that they are also available at the Nordstrom flagship store in Seattle. I'm not sure what other major department store features this collection.

For fragrance notes and my thoughts, click here.