Tuesday, July 30, 2013

From Miss Omni Media...NARS Fall 2013

Once again the good folks at NARS sent me a few beauty loot items from the Fall 2013 to review. And it did not disappoint. If anything, it truly piqued my curiosity. I am hoping to pick up a few more of the single pan eye shadows. 

Here are my picks.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Beauty Bash: Nordstrom Style

If you didn't know this already or hiding underneath a rock hiding with your credit cards only to resurface after August 5th, then you know that their humongous Anniversary sale is happening as I type. Well what you may not know is that Nordstrom is also hosting beauty events.

At selected Bay Area Nordstrom locations - customers will be treated to a complimentary blow-out bar, nail bar, facial bar, lash bar, and brow bar, learn the latest beauty tips and tricks from their favorite brands, and grab an exclusive goodie bar. What a great way to get a little freshen up before your date night or meet with your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, etc!

Happy Hour: Friday, July 19th from 5-8 pm!

·         Nordstrom Hillsdale
·         Nordstrom Walnut Creek
·         Nordstrom Palo Alto
·         Nordstrom Valley Fair

That's not all...

Early Access: Saturday, July 20 starting at 9am!

Customers will get the chance to experience complimentary makeup touch-ups, learn the latest beauty tips and tricks, and grab an exclusive Anniversary Sale goodie bag – as well as an opportunity to shop their favorite beauty brands before the store opens that day.

At these locations:

·         Nordstrom Stonestown
·         Nordstrom Stoneridge

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Sephora Exclusive Coming Soon....

Pop! Contour! Sculpt!

From professional makeup artists to the bathroom counter makeup artist in us all, NARS graces us with two new Sephora exclusive blush palettes that combine three shades to sculpt, contour and highlight.These palettes are perfect for completing your look or give you the chance to experiment. Apply separately or swirl colors together to make your own perfect shade.

(l to r)
peachy pink with gold shimmer
sheer golden apricot
soft rose tone with golden shimmer

Realm of the Senses:
(l to r)
flirty sheer peach
shimmering bronzed rose
sparkling gold sand

Both palettes: $41/USD
Available on at Sephora beginning August 1st.

I know I'll be stalking my nearest Sephora just so I can swatch these lovelies - I got my eye especially on Realm of the Senses. I bet it also looks fabulous on your eyes.

Sorry , I can't but help but wonder if this is named after the very 70's art-house erotic Japanese film of the same name.

Well, I heard of this film...no really....

Friday, July 5, 2013

Slather on Some Goat Milk!

***DISCLAIMER: the following product was sent to me by the PR department at Kate Somerville for consideration****

Planning on exposing some skin this summer? You know as much as I do, that it's just not sexy exposing ashy skin. That's why I am so happy I discovered goat milk lotion.

Yes, that's right GOAT MILK lotion.

No, I'm not suggesting throwing a cup of goat milk into your moisturizer. I wanted to share with you a new discovery that I've added to my after shower routine.

Kate Somerville's Goat Milk Body Lotion

It's believed that ancient Egyptians used rich goat milk to soften their skin. Aside from making a delicious goat cheese, goat milk has a very close pH to our own skin providing essential hydration. This lotion contains natural coconut and aloe to calm even the most sensitive skin. Natural occurring lactose enzymes  gently exfoliates the skin.

I love this lotion because it feels richer than my usual CeraVe lotion but it absorbs just as quick. It's also unscented so those sensitive to strong scents can breathe easy. I've been using this for a week now and I have noticed my arms and legs are a bit softer. The areas of my back, due to eczema patches, still need extra attention courtesy of my prescribed ointment but they aren't inflamed or itchy when using this lotion. If anything, the dry patches are smoothing out. This combined with my prescribed ointments makes a powerful scaly skin busting duo!

Use after bathing and at night or when you need extra moisture. I try to use this mostly in the morning as it is a bit costly - $32/USD - 150mls.

I am very pleased with the results so far and the next time I splurge on a fantastic body lotion with great moisturizing properties, I am rushing to my nearest Nordstrom or Sephora store to pick up a tube of this wonder stuff!

About Kate:
Kate Somerville is the creator and director of the renowned medi-skin clinic in Los Angeles, CA. She has dedicated her life to giving her A-list celebrity clients flawless faces. Her reputation proceeds her due to her solutions-based strategy to glowing skin. Kate has partnered with top dermatologists and plastic surgeons early in her career. By integrating skincare with medicine, Kate has helped changed the spa industry - treating the skin in a more medi-spa style with timely results. Also, she's suffered with eczema in her youth - that alone speaks volumes to me!

Kate Somerville Goat Milk is available at all stores that carry the Kate Somerville brand.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Booze Review: Derby at the Comstock Saloon

I met up with my sister and our girlfriends last weekend. It's great to stop, take a breather from my family and recharge. And how? With loud girlfriend gabbing about lipstick, breakups and food over rounds of cocktails.

Before our Chinese food dinner, a few of us met at one of my favorite restaurant/bars:

The Comstock Saloon.

This place occupies a historic space that served as a watering hole to San Franciscans since 1907, so you know you'll get "old-timey" style cocktails. Get out your elbow patched cardigans, reading spectacles, fancy polonaise and pull up a stool, especially for Happy Hour on Saturdays!

This is what I drank:

The Derby

There are two different versions of this cocktail - a sweet gin based and the one above, whiskey/rye/bourbon based (of course!).
The whiskey based also can come in two different styles - Manhattan style (but with Benedictine liqueur) and the other - slightly sour. So there are a total of three different versions of this cocktail - choose based on your mood.

I had the latter. It contains rye, orange liqueur, sweet vermouth, lime juice and garnished with a slightly crushed mint. The bartender banged it slightly with an open palm - this releases the oils making the cocktail smell wonderful while adding a subtle mint flavor.

I could have easily drank another not just because the citrus balanced out the fullness of the rye but it was nicely priced at $6. This is a lovely whiskey/rye cocktail for all whiskey lovers and can also be enjoyed by those just discovering the beauty of whiskey.

Also, I would have loved to see the bartender measure his rye pours in these awesome boot cocktail jiggers.