Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Where the hell have I been and just where do I think I'm going?

You know sometimes when you think you're just going to take a small time out for some "me time" or in my case...have another baby?

Well that small break turned into a year off. I guess I needed it with what was going on in my world - baby girl #2 and a job in Silicon Valley that didn't quite pan out.

Like my now 10 month old girl that is taking delicate baby steps and preparing herself to run amok in our un-baby proofed home, this is my attempt to reconnect again in the blogging hemisphere.

Maybe I lost all my readers (not like I had a lot to begin with) but I know I had a few. Here's hoping this works out and I gain a whole new set of readers.

Will I discuss makeup? Well duh, yeah that's what brought me here (and hopefully you) in the first place. I will say having two little girls and living in one of the most expensive places in the US (Bay Area, CA) my spending habits have become modest but luckily I still have access to free samples (NARS, I am your devoted, faithful fan for life). Will shoes and booze still be involved? Well I am still breathing, aren't I?

I am rethinking what I would like to write about:
Makeup tips for the busy mom.....How not to look like a hot mess at the drop off line of your kids school....Finding your sexy again when you have that random date night at The Elephant Bar?

Please bear with me as it took a good 14 months just to get me to write this passage. I have been toying of turning this beauty blog into a general peek into my mind and what projects I may get myself into. I have also worked as a freelance makeup artist assisting other fabulous hair/makeup artists. I've had a blast working weddings and doing looks for stage.

I also just turned 41 in September and not really caring about labeling anything right now.

But to keep on topic here's a relevant photo:

Just three things that reminded me why I became obsessed with beauty products. 

Diptyque Baies candle - Blackcurrant and roses. How fabulous is that? It's their top selling scent for a reason. You can dress up a card table and folding chair with this beautiful glass candle. The one featured is the mini (2.4 oz) - I have since upgraded to the 6.5 oz number. And if I were a Real Housewife of (Insert City here) you bet your ass I would have the largest candles (that burns 220 hours and is over $200) littered all over my estate. I am a full fledge addict. I also have Santal and Roses. 

Kat von D's Interstellar palette came out some time last Winter and it's my first palette. Okay confession time - I was a fan of Kat's in the early days of Miami Ink and then on her own spin-off LA Ink. But along the way, I felt that she became too LA Industry and mix in her relationship with Jesse James...well the girl just lost me. I didn't want anything to do with her, regardless how successful her makeup line was. It wasn't till one of my friends, ahem Christina, called me out on my judgmental ways and I gave it a chance. Low and behold, I was smitten. I also let Kat back into my life by then purchasing her Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette. I'm even wearing it as I type. The colors are soft and easily blendable without being chalky and on top of a good shadow base (NARS Smudgeproof Eye Shadow Base) I get a full 8 hours of wear. 

Okay my Tom Ford glasses are not technically a beauty product, but I they do make me feel pretty and I can see. 
Plus, TOM FORD!!!

I really hope this wasn't too painful to read. Maybe this was the writing exercise I needed. Maybe I'll get around to reviewing the wonderful NARS palettes I created with the awesome voucher the PR folks gifted me. Maybe I'll write about how I'm desperately trying to not be THAT MOM. Or maybe I'll just write once a week or twice a month to let you know what has been in my beauty rotation, sneakers I've acquired or wine I can't stop drinking.