Monday, December 2, 2013

What Did I Buy?

In this week's episode of Lex's luxurious beauty buys, I throw that phrase around loosely, I share with you what I bought at the last Sephora's VIB sale:

This beauty sponge has been making its way around the beauty blog blocks and I was curious. But would this $19.95 sponge really make a difference in the way foundation lays on my skin? I've even seen this used on video tutorials to apply foundation and concealer with convincing accolades. Okay, I was convinced. I was going to buy this but only on sale.

I've tried this damp to stipple my tinted moisturizer,creamy compact foundation and the pointed tip is convenient to blend concealer under my eyes and at the corners. It did make my makeup look natural and not look like it was just sitting on my skin - it does blend nicely. I also like that it's soft to the touch. However, it will remain stained by your foundation and concealers, no matter how much you try to clean it. I use the cheaper alternate - baby shampoo. It was also recommended by a sales associate is to try a very light drop of dish washing liquid to remove any lingering grease. I'm not exactly sure just how long this will last but I probably won't replace it because of it's price tag.

So do you need this? It's really up to you. If you like using your foundation brush or inexpensive sponge version - stick with that. I am trying this out of pure curiosity. It's not an entirely big loss - I do like the color pink!