Thursday, September 20, 2012

Forever XXI

No this is not a post about the evils or genius of Forever 21. Today is my birthday and this is my cake:

It was a delicious ice cream cake and I love that the white chocolate tablet for my greeting and my name chipped. It says a lot about me. My life wasn't perfect, it was rocky, dark at times (thankful to be alive considering some of the dumb shit I've done) but I don't have any regrets. I also cannot judge anyone because that would make me the biggest hypocrite! I look back at being 21, 23, 25 and laugh. It was fun, crazy and I was thin but honestly, I'm totally fine putting that past behind me. The thin part however, I still miss that aspect...a little.

I had plans today of just doing my own thing or as I like to call 'Day of Lex' - you know running around the lake, pedicures/massage, fragrance shopping with know small stuff. But as luck would have it, my daughter was stricken with a cold (that she caught from yours truly) and she had to stay home with me. My mother was at work and my husband couldn't work from home and I couldn't ask him to do that. This was the one day that my selfishness was truly acceptable - not even a question and I couldn't even partake in it. Eventually I got over it by thinking about how far I've come just this year and with Gabi laying in bed next to me, I could just lay there, go back to sleep or do something I haven't done in a long time - read a magazine!

I think the biggest accomplishment I've had this year was proving to myself and other of how strong I can be by doing this:

My new motto of "If you are always comfortable you will never grow" even carried on at work. I've become more daring by taking on projects. I am still taking baby steps because I'm terrified of failing but I need to do that to get to the next level.

I am currently training for a 3mile obstacle course, Dirty Girl Mud Run - benefits go to Breast Cancer research. I am hoping to drop a few pounds along the way, right before trying to add on to my family. It's been a discussion but we'll see if it happens this year. I'm not going to force the situation but I will say goodbye to my IUD sometime this winter and let fate decide what happens next. The truth is you'll never have everything mapped out when planning a family. We didn't when I got pregnant with Gabi and we're doing fine...broke and tired but we're good!

I guess what I'm hoping 38 brings me is just continued happiness with friends and family. I am hoping good things come my way on the job front. I've outgrown my admin role and I'm hoping that my ass busting work get recognized and gets me that promotion I've been blatantly hinting about to my bosses. I'm also going to to continuously challenge myself because being safe and practical can also get boring.

I am also not giving up on the possibility of doing freelance makeup work - here I am working my third stint this year as a makeup artist for my theater group:

Actually, I'm really excited to see what this year brings me. However, I am still learning to accept that I'm only two short years away from entering a new age bracket. 

Well at least I have this to keep me calm and smelling good this year:

That's right I treated myself at the Chanel boutique at a price that I could afford...barely. Oh and I did make it out shopping.

Me and my shopping buddy:

With this one by my side, I'm ready for any challenge!

It also doesn't hurt to have awesome siblings to have your back:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MISS - Week of Sept 4

Yes, I know I'm two weeks behind on forwarding my contributing pieces for I have a good reason. And I will let you know all about it next week. I'm tired and I have barely seen my family in the past two weeks. But when it's for your art and passion - it's almost worth it. Well family is pretty awesome.

So this is what I reviewed back on Sept 4:

My take on the new Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lipstick, please click here.

I'll be back tomorrow with my contribution earlier this week.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Support Your Local Asian-American Designers!!

As any good little Fashionista knows, NY Fashion Week begins on September 6th and but those of us here in the Bay Area can still rejoice in some fashion show excitement. This Saturday, September 8th come out to Oakland to support local Asian American fashion and accessory designers!

From the KSW Runway press release:

Co-sponsored by the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, KSW Runway highlights fashion collections from the best of emerging Asian Pacific American designers. The evening promises to be filled with style, culture, glamour, music, and carnival-esque fun. In addition to previewing the latest looks from local fashion visionaries, attendees will have the opportunity to bid on garments and accessories hot off the runway in a live auction. 

This year’s exciting lineup is headlined by Jeanette Au, fresh from her debut at New York Fashion Week that elicited rave reviews from critics, and also features body chains and accessories by Clare Adamos Morales (CLARA Designs), evening gowns by Debbie Nghiem (GG Connections), ready-to-wear feminine pieces by KT Reed (KTRcollection), and typography-inspired dresses by Kim Shao. San Francisco District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim, a Kearny Street Workshop alumna, serves as honorary chair, while Jay Jasper Pugao of the hip-hop theater group Brother’s Keeper serves as master of ceremonies. DJ Slum B of the Chicago-based Earth Tone DJs will be on the turntables spinning an eclectic mix of hip hop, house, downtempo, and neo-soul.

A little background on KSW, Kearny Street Workshop, the Bay Area's oldest Asian-American multidisciplinary arts nonprofit organization. KSW celebrates 40 years of nurturing creative spirit, providing a platform for new emerging artists and connecting artists with the community by offering workshops and programs that celebrates Asian-Pacific-American Experience.

If you are in the Bay Area and you want to get your own Fashion Week experience. Come support local and independent talent! You'll see some great fashion and accessories that you could possibly go home with!

KSW Runway takes place Saturday, September 8 from 7-10:00 PM at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center in Downtown Oakland. Tickets are available online via For more information, contact Program Director, TJ Basa (415) 503-0520 or

Oakland Asian Cultural Center
388 Ninth Street, Second Fl
Oakland, CA 94607