Thursday, September 19, 2013

MAC/ANTONIO LOPEZ: Why Didn't This Collaboration Happen Sooner?

Cosmetic brand giant, MAC recently launched another genius collaboration. This one celebrates the decadent, hedonistic, sensual, disco '70's.

This collection features art work by the legendary fashion illustrator from that era,

Antonio Lopez:

courtesy of 
Here he is with a very young (Uncle) Karl Lagerfeld and one of the iconic faces he discovered and introduced to the fashion world: Jerry Hall. He illustrated what I pictured high fashion glamour to be in NYC and Internationally in the late 1970's. His women were strong, audacious and the least likely to be labeled as a wall flower.

The window display at the MAC boutique I visited today on Fillmore St, SF displays some of his images:

The display was pretty scarce as it debuted a week ago today and I was a little late to the party - as usual. But I did manage to pick up one eye shadow palette.

6 eyes/Violet:

Yes, I did buy this to have a piece of his glamorous art work. But I also bought this for the very pretty charcoal, taupe shimmer on the bottom row, graphic style.

I'm surprised that there's only one shade that is violet in a palette titled Violet but I'm willing to overlook that. I'm pleased that all the shades except for carbon are limited edition.

Here's a swatch of the lineup on my arm:

Aside from carbon, it does take some work for these shadows to show up on my arm. I have a feeling that I'll be packing layers of these shadows on my lids. It's pretty soft to the touch.

Lithe Spirits/Envisioning Pinks (s - satin finish)
Violet Impact/Showgirl/Graphic Style (vxp - not sure what finish that is)
Carbon (m - matte)

Sorry, I am only featuring the palette I purchased but if you can still find these at your local department stores, that carry MAC, or at a boutique or PRO store, do check it out.

There are a total of three eye shadow palettes, three lip palettes, two face/cheek palettes, travel blush/bronzer brush in a vinyl pouch with illustration, a makeup pouch and a two mirror compact. Each palette features original art work.

I'll feature another post when I use the shadows.

This was purchased by yours truly at my local Nordstrom store.
6 eyes/Violet palette - $43.50 (USD 5.3g/0.19 US oz)

For a better look at this collection, peep this. I love that video featured!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gabi's Mom - Last Week on Lil'Miss

I wanted to try something different two weeks ago when posting my usual weekly beauty piece for My daughter just started elementary school and honestly, lipstick was the last thing on my mine, okay the second to the last thing, nevertheless I had other thought running through my head.

Gabriela, at age 2

Like, how fast time flies. This really is true when you have a child. Just when I got comfy with all the preschool parent friends I made in just under three years, like my daughter, I have to make new friends all over again. And I have to get use being called, "Gabi's mom"

How I got use to being nameless, click here.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


To celebrate Labor Day weekend right, Mr. Lex and I had a date night.

It's been too long to even remember the last time we had a grown-up, get fancy, date night!

I even spent an extra 10-15 minutes on the trifecta of beautifying: highlighting, contouring and sculpting my face.

I apologize for crappy dusk lighting, I will say that my lip color is my latest lip obsession - UD Revolution lipstick, Jilted with 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil, Venom. Yes, review will be coming soon via Miss Omni Media.

We had a lovely meal at the Burritt Room + Tavern in Charlie Palmer's Mystic Hotel, Union Square, SF. It was a languid meal due to a slow kitchen. This wasn't necessarily a deal breaker since our server was delightful, attentive and treated us to a free dessert for waiting patiently.

But the real reason why we weren't too pissed and I wasn't giving the servers and bus boys the business (and the reason why you guys tune into these reviews) were our cocktails:

I had to choose my spirit wisely and I can never go wrong with whisky.

First drink:
Mark Twain

scotch whisky, ginger honey, lemon and angostura bitters.

And a very proper, delightful and sunny gentleman he was.  According to the menu, this recipe was described by Mr. Twain in a letter to his wife, Olivia from London in January, 1874. If I were Olivia I would have been envious. Why are you telling me about this delicious beverage I cannot taste? Are you trying to piss me off?

This is a very refreshing drink that I could easily drink all day - sunny or on a foggy, cold typical SF evening. The ginger honey keeps the mood comfy and rounds out the citrus edges of this drink. A dash of the angostura bitters gives it a subtle herbaceous hint. This is a great drink for those that fear the word
WHISKY in a cocktail. This is the cocktail I'd easily return for.

Contestant #2

Ingredients: Bourbon, Cynar, Carpano Antica, Price Blood Orange Bitters

Shit. This is the drink you turn to when you had a hard day or you want to look all classy while you are secretly getting faced.

This had a Negroni feel to due to the Cynar bitter used (an Italian liquer). It's composed of 13 plants and herbs, mainly artichoke and it's very bittersweet. Carpano Antica, which is sweet vermouth and the Blood Orange bitters give a very slight sweet component - again, very slight. The bourbon has nowhere to hide. It's full bodied and heavy but a pleasure to drink. This is a pretty advance drink for the bourbon fans. It leans on the herbal side versus sweet. I'd definitely come back for this bad boy. I'd even make sure I had a rough day so I could really, really appreciate this. I would also probably ask for seconds.

And finally:
Rhuby Red:

Ingredients: Bourbon, Burritt Strawberry cordial, lemon, rhubarb, peychaud foam

Okay one word: SWEET. This should have been the drink I started with not follow up a heavy hitter like the Berlinetta. The combination of lemon and rhubarb gives it a bit of a tart quality. This one is definitely for those that like to dip their toes gingerly in the bourbon cocktails. Peychaud foam is made with Peychaud bitters, a lighter, slightly sweeter version of Agostura. It gave a nice floral scent to this cocktail. If I'm in the mood for something fruity, sweet and safe - I'd order this.

Some other highlights:


How can something so simple look so elegant and taste so wonderfully delicious? Every time I attempt to serve a cheese tray at a party it just ends up messy - half open cheese with the plastic wrapper halfway off. There's a pile of triscuits or water crackers I tried to arrange in a nonchalant way but it just looks like my daughter just poured a box of crackers right on to the cheese board.

And this butter lettuce salad with BACON:

As you can see the bacon phenomenon isn't ending any time soon and I'm thankful for that - well my jeans aren't. This would be the only way I could get my husband to eat a salad, if only he'd like that buttermilk dressing. Ugh, one step at a time.

The Mister and I both agree that we'd love to return to the Burritt Room + Tavern for drinks and maybe the cheese plate at the bar area. Our entrees were good but we weren't totally wowed. I'm willing to give the kitchen another shot, my husband, not so much.

That's okay it just means we get to discover another restaurant on our next date night and I get to spend an extra 15 minutes getting all dolled up again!