Friday, December 31, 2010

Coming soon!

I was lucky to grab these at the MAC Pro Store in the Marina District, SF.

L to R:
from the Peacocky collection (coming soon to dept store counters 1/6/11)
Unflappable Mega Metal Shadow
Temper Tantra Kissable Lipcolor
Tweet Me Mega Metal Shadow

from the MAC/Mickey Contractor collaboration (also available at dept store counters 1/6/11)
Saffron eye shadow

Thoughts and looks will be coming very soon!!

Here are some swatches - NC 42 skin

L to R:
Temper Tantra Kissable Lipcolor
Tweet Me Mega Metal Shadow
Unflappable Mega Metal Shadow

Saffron eyeshadow

Another look at Temper Tantra - a very nice brownish red, I can see myself using this one a lot for work.
If you want to be first in line for these collections head to your nearest MAC Pro Store. I'm not sure if it's at the MAC free standing boutiques.


This is a baloon I found online - I kind of want it just for everyday use!

Wow, I felt like 2010 just got here. Any party plans tonight? Please be safe!

It was a good year for me. I reached a 5 yr milestone at work - a first for me. I'm blessed and thankful to still have a job. My little cupcake continues to surprise me everyday - her vocabulary is getting stronger and I found her playing with a (dry) paint brush and Tinkerbelle watercolor palette like she was applying eye shadow - gee, I wonder where she learned that? I am hoping she makes friends with the potty this year. As for myself, I always played fan girl to many beauty bloggers - Karen, Sabrina, Elvira, Amy, Christine and Gaia. I took a leap of faith and created something on my own. It wasn't even a resolution for this year I just got off my lazy ass and did it!

I am getting ready to bake a coconut cake for a NYE party I am going to with my family. Just a little house party with good friends. Even though I am not getting all glammed up I thought I should at least add a little bling.

So I did my nails last night with MAC's latest offering from the Cham-Pale collection:

(please pay no attention to my raggedy cuticles - this was a self-paint job)

This is labeled as a Frost but as you can see it's heavy on the METALLIC - it looks like I have pieces of bronze foil on my nails. It's been described by MAC as a "sparkly light bronze gold". When I look at it I see some peachy pink tones - maybe that's how I see it on my NC 42 skin.


It chipped the next day - on my pointer finger tip. Which is no big deal but a HUGE chunk flaked off of the side of my thumbnail. WTF?? So proceed with caution and remember to apply another layer of top coat the next day.

After a few sips of champagne tonight I won't even notice...

a sidenote:
I don't make New Year's resolutions - I like to surprise myself. I feel like if I don't follow through on a goal (usually something I should be doing already - eating better/paying bills) I won't feel like an ass if I didn't succeed. This time I do have a goal for January. I will unveil my goal this weekend.

I will say it will be tough and it will be a HUGE challenge. For those closest to me, I am sure they will laugh when the find out what it is!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Colored Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7

If I had to choose my favorite fun colored eyeliners it would have to be from the Urban Decay 24/7 collection. These are great colors - I think it releases my inner roller derby girl! Well in my fantasy roller derby world I'd wear bright eyeliner, torn tights, pink elbow/knee pads and kick major ass. So yes, I'm wearing this brand of eyeliner in my fantasies - also they stay on very well. If it could survive my lunch time spin class session then I assume it can take on sweaty, elbow throwing, roller skating sessions.

NO, I am a nice girl...really! Sorry ever since I watched Whip It I keep thinking, "yeah I can do that".

Today I went with Ransom - a bright irridescent purple, which I find leans on the cool bluish side. I like that this is not glittery, I could use it on my waterline if I choose to.

However, I had to work at getting to show up on my top lash line. I'm wondering if it's because I'm dark skinned (NC 42). I had no problem getting it to show up on my lower lash line. I did feel like I was playing beat the clock looking for my #219 brush to smudge it because when it sets it's there most of the day - well unless you rub your eyes vigorously.  It comes off easily with my Almay eye makeup remover but I do find that I have to work at removing liner on my bottom lash line. I like wearing this kind of color with a nude eyeshadow so all the focus is on the liner.

I got this in the UD Super Stash set ($36) last year. It came with nine other deluxe travel sized liners. I think these sets are a great way to try out a bunch of colors without having to commit to a full size (retails $17). If I find a color that I don't like I can just sharpen and sterilize it and give it away to a family member.

I added lots of black mascara, neutral blush and lipstick and I was out the door!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Colored eye pencil focus: Chanel

I am usually a black or dark brown liner kind of girl - I know, a bit safe and boring. I like playing it safe and also when you're pressed for time in the morning you grab what you know will always work. Lately, I have been obsessing over colored eyeliner pencils. My recent purchase was the Chanel Le Crayon Kohl Intense in Black Jade. This glides on easily and has a lot of pigment. It stays on the whole day for me and comes off easily with my Almay makeup remover. The color is exactly what it sounds like a dark forest green with a black background:
I love wearing this with a nude eye - it's subtle yet you can see it's not entirely black. I also pair this with my gold/teal eye looks.
Okay, it does look black - sorry, my Droid isn't the best camera. But you get my point!

This eyeliner retails for $27 and is carried in department stores that carries Chanel cosmetics. Yes, I know this isn't a cheap eyeliner but then again I don't own anything quite like this. Honestly, I really don't buy an eye lining pencil that is over $20 but if it's a color that I don't own or if I obsess over it for a week then I know, I have to have it and I'll be happy with my purchase. Also, with the Chanel eyeliners you get a sharpner. Except for the Stylo Yeux Waterproof liners - those are self sharpening.

If you don't own anything like this in your stash and you have no problem with treating yourself (once and a while) - go for it!

I won't tell anyone...

(I just wanted to show off the earrings my husband gave me for Xmas)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pretty in BRIGHT PINK...

Remember this movie?

Yeah, I remember watching this in the theater back in '86 and I was in the 6th grade. I was a little new wave listening/goth girl in the making. I wanted to be Molly Ringwald's character, Andie so badly. I wanted to work in a record store, drive a pink Karmann Ghia VW, have a preppy boyfriend named Blaine and have an adorable side kick named Ducky that wore creepers. Shoot, I even wanted to be a fashion designer and craft an ugly prom dress out of two very pretty vintage dresses. If I were Annie Potts, I would have been pissed to discover that my great vintage prom dress was ripped and pieced together into another dress.

I am singing Pretty in Pink by The Psychedelic Furs in my head right now!

To tie in with the release of this film, I remember a certain makeup line came out (sorry, I forgot the company's name) with a whole Pretty in Pink inspired collection. I did buy the lipstick and it was not a pretty site. A girl with my tan complexion should not wear a cool, pink with lots of white in it. This is why I shuddered when I saw the Lady Gaga Viva Glam shade. It was very similar to that color. I wore it anyway - I can have a piece of that Andie dream in my pocket for less than $10. I knew this was not a flattering color but I wanted to wear it anyway. Remember it was the 80's so the pink that was popular was very soft and pastel. A color that is difficult for me to wear. Regardless of this, I will always love the color pink.
Needless to say, I tend to stick to my safe neutral makeup colors. If I want to go bold then I'll do a red or a dark pink. But a hot pink for work? Am I crazy?

(NC 42 Skin)

Apparently, I'm just bored of my usual nude pink and red lipsticks/gloss. As a result of cleaning out some of my old MAC products, I turned in 6 MAC products (no longer used or finished) for the Back to MAC program and in return I picked up a Cremesheen lipstick in Lickable. Okay the name is debatable but I just love this hot pink color. I didn't think I could get away with bright pink so early in the morning but when it stains it leaves a lovely pink color. It goes on nicely, lots of slip and this color loads on the pigment. After 4 hours of wear, I don't need to reapply. If anything, I'll just pop on some lip balm on top of the pink stain it left just for added moisture.

(a very clean, hot pink - no liner required)

I am really pleased with this color. Also, I'm really pleased that this feels nice on my overly sensitive lips - as you know, MAC doesn't always treat my lips very well. But just to be on the safe side, I'll have to either wear an Edward Bess lipstick or a NARS gloss tomorrow just to keep my lips happy.

But for now:

Look how happy this color makes me!! I wish I discovered this color when it first came out - a year ago, I think. But hey, better late than never, right?

Monday, December 27, 2010

How I am coping with the Holiday Hangover...

Hello there,
I hope the Holiday weekend treated you well. My daughter made out like a bandit with a fully stocked play kitchen, Toy Story 3 toys and even a My Little Pony on a remote controlled jet. It still perplexes my husband why a unicorn would be on a plane - I kept telling him to stop being such a killjoy and just "Go With It!" Now that the Holidays are almost over we have the daunting task of taking down all our decorations - I'm going to miss those lights my husband put up on front of the house.

Fortunately for me, the new MAC Stylishly Yours collection has enough bright color to get me through my Holiday Hangover you may be currently experiencing. Since I only bought Virgin Isle CCB please see Karen's (of Makeup and Beauty Blog) write up.

The color creme bases are meant to be a multi-tasking product - eyes/lips/cheeks. But I can only imagine this bright coral to be used on cheeks/lips.
(Swatched on NC 42 skin)

(It is actually brighter in person!)

I thought I press my luck and try it on my lips - not bad. Not as bright as the Neon Orange lipstick I tried on (I will be going back for this though - looks pretty on top of Redd lip liner).

(applied on top of my Kiehl's lip moisturizer)

 It goes on very creamy but if your lips are dry like mine please add a bit of lip balm underneath. Then slick on clear gloss on top, if you are also not a fan of matte lipstick like me. But compared to my other multi-tasking rouge pot - Edward Bess' compact rouge, this is a bit more drying on the lips. After 3 and a half hours of wear time, breakfast/coffee consumptioin, this left a nice peach stain on my lips. I will be going back for Movie Star Red CCB and also the Neon Orange lipstick. I am oddly embracing the whole orange lip movement.

I am also planning to pick up the Dangerous Cuvee Paint (cool, silver gray) Pot from the ChamPale collection. Sorry, so not a fan of that collection name!

Now I just have to get through all the sugar cookies I have left over from my Holdiay party. It's a good thing my husband got a bottle of Bourbon from his boss - we'll need it!

Honestly, I only started wearing blush regularly just recently. Who knew, how alert it makes me look!

Friday, December 24, 2010

My favorite multi-tasker

I like to pride myself as an accomplished multi-tasker, I think it's a talent you really perfect when you become a Mom. That said, please take a look at this eye look I accomplished literally in 5 minutes using just one item (okay two - I went and highlighted with MAC Arena). I give you: The MAC Greasestick. I currently own four - maybe I should add a blue or a green to my collection.

L to R:
French Quarter ( fr. Venemous Villans)
V (fr. D2 collaboration)
Dirty (fr. Art Supplies)
Black (fr. Style Black)

My daughter's new found obsession with Disney's, The Princess and The Frog inspired me to bust out the MAC Greasestick, French Quarter from the MAC/Disney collaboration, Venomous Villains - the Dr. Facilier collection.

The only tool I rely on to apply this on my lid is my middle finger. My technique - the same middle finger of the eye I am working on holds the skin taut while the opposite middle finger is blending the thick line drawn on the lash line upward toward the crease. So if I'm working on my right eye - right finger pulls skin at the outer corner taut to smooth out the folds on my lids and then my left middle finger will blend the thick line up to my crease, creating a slight fade. I will go back and re-line my top lash line. As for my lower lash line, I smudged a line on my hand hand with a tightly packed, dense lining/smudge brush and use it to pick up some color. I then smudge my lower lash lines, I like to build and control the amount of color. Then I just applied the peach satin shadow, Arena to my brow bone with the #239 brush and then I use a fluffy blending brush to make sure it is smoothed out. Follow up with lots of black mascara and there it is - I'm done!

I think it took me longer to describe my process then to actually do it.

French Quarter is orginally described as a blackened green with multi-colored pearl shimmer. I personally don't see a whole lot of green, maybe a darkened olive? If anything, I see a darker taupe - like a darker (blackened) version of the Dirty greasestick.

The first greasestick I bought was the Black from the Style Black collection from the '09 Fall Collection. I remembered being bummed wondering how am I going to sharpen this thing and then I discovered (from another blogger) that the back end tip pulls out and reveals a hidden sharpener:


Unfortunately, these pencils are limited edition. Oh MAC and their limited editions...they just love to tease and torment us, don't they? If you're lucky you can find these at your nearest Company Store. I recently saw the Dirty greasestick along with the V and Black there. I am hoping they will get more from the Art Supplies collection from last Spring.

This has great staying power on me (I don't have oily lids) and it comes of pretty easily with my Almay Oil-Free makeup remover.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Winter Jewel

So for my current manicure I went with a shade from China Glaze's Fall Collection - Vintage Vixens. I selected Emerald Fitzgerald. It's described as a turquoise green frost with shimmer. I feel this crosses over very nicely into the Holiday season.

Until recently, I didn't really embrace full on color on my nails - I delegated dark colors to my toes only. I went through a french manicure phase - I know some of you may regard that as tacky but on natural nails it can be a very clean and polished look. Now I feel that cold weather and long nights call for deep, strong colors. Luckily I work in an enviroment where I'm not judged by nail color - my bosses are still trying to accept my cherry blossom wrist tattoo but I know I've won that battle.

YAY for fun nail colors!

I got this done on Saturday and I'm sad to report that my nails are chipping pretty severly. Maybe it's because I should have reapplied a top coat yesterday but I do try to preserve my color as long as possible to get my money's worth. I am considering trying out the colored gel polishes that's supposed to last a full 2wks but at this point I'm a bit afraid since over extended acrylic use in my past caused damage to my right thumbnail. My left was damaged as well but just as of a few months ago, I am happy to report that it's now healed. I am still waiting for my right thumb to heal.

As for my toes - I took a break from greys, purples and the ever popular 'greige' and went with a deep, blackened wine. Here's Rescue Beauty Lounge - Film  Noir.

Sorry if I frightened any readers with my long toes - this is a huge step for me to show just a portion of my feet! But it's worth it just share this color with you!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Isn't it ROMANTIC?

(L to R: Romantic Rouge Allure, Wild Rose Glossimer)
 Nothing says a romantic pink lips like Chanel and if you doubt them then turn to the Rouge Allure lipstick in Romantic. It's a lovely shade of raspberry pink without any shimmer. It glides on nicely but because it's not as moisturizing at the Rouge Coco formula, I have to layer this on top of a thin layer of my kiehl's lip balm. It gives off a good amount of pigment - I didn't reply for about 3 hours (maybe it'll last longer if you're not an avid coffee drinker, like me). I don't use a liner with this shade - I just apply straight from the tube and apply a thin layer of Chanel Glossimer in Wild Rose #119 (warm nude pink with multi-color glitter). It gives me a great pink color without calling out too much attention to myself. 

(NC 42 or Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer - Caramel)

That said, maybe I should hold off on that whole FUCHSIA lip color trend.

Sensitivity alert: Again, I must reiterate - this is not as moisturizing as the Rouge Coco formula (my own experience) so I have to wear this lipstick sparingly, sadly. I once wore this two days in a row and experienced mild peeling and itching. There is also a mild scent. The glossimer, however is fragrance free and non-sticky.

(wow, this pink makes me look semi-awake!)

If nothing else, the cap is really fun to play with!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bottle Green...

You ever just dig through your makeup stash and you come across a blush, a lipstick or shadow and just admire it in the ackage but find another color to use instead? Yup, that's been my relationship with MAC's Bottle Green e/s. It's a part of the PRO collection - matte finish and a little goes a long way! I used it with Woodwinked to create a dramatic eye without scaring anyone away while having a conversation with me. I had another Holiday party to attend after work and this time it was at my husband's work. So I wanted to look polished and it had to withstand a full day of packing my desk/belongings while attending to 3 different bosses with different demands.

Yes, I am proud to say this is a WIN!

L to R:
MAC PP Rubenesque
MAC Woodwinked
MAC Coquette
MAC PRO Bottle Green
MAC Fluidline Blacktrack

MAC Sweetjoy - used as highlighter not swatched

I loved this eyeshadow. I used it just in the outer V. Like I said, a little goes a long way so I really didn't need much more than just using this color as an accent.

Here it is along with Woodwinked (warm antique gold - lid), Coquette (muted grey-taupe - crease) Sweetjoy (frosty pale gold - highlight). I also used Rubenesque (golden peach) as a base. I used Blacktrack Fluidline (gel liner) on my top lashline and then I took a #219 brush and smudged the Bottle Green on my lower lash line.

I need to remember to use this one more often - I know, it sounds pretty sad but it's true!

Also used:
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation - Syracuse
Edward Bess Daydream bronzer
MAC - Gingerly
Dior - Shimmer powder Amber Diamond
NARS Falbala lipstick/Greek Holiday

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Booze review #2

So last night was celebration birthday night for my sister, Kim and my girlfriend, Cindy. We went to this fancy Indian joint. I must remember to go back just for a cocktail and an order of the Masala Dosa. Ugh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. However, parking in this area - no easy feat! Dosa is situated across the street from Robert Redford's Sundance Cinema. So trying to find parking is an event in itself - well this applies trying to find parking in most SF neighborhoods. Okay so my girl, Carolyn and I drop off the birthday girls at the restaurant we will spend another 30mns in the car just circling the neighborhood before settling into a spot about 3 long blocks away. At this point, we REALLY NEED that drink!

The great thing about the Dosa cocktail menu is that it is consistent with the Indian menu - they infuse a savory element into some of the cocktails and I love that. I was hoping to order a gin cocktail that had a basil flavor but sadly it was missing from the menu so I settle for this lovely: The Fall Smash. Now please forgive me as I try to recall what was in this cocktail - I do remember that it had a very citrusy sweet flavor to it (freshly muddled lemon juice) and because of the title I did also detect some Fall flavors like cinnamon and ginger. What I do remember for sure was the bourbon used for this cocktail - Buffalo Trace Bourbon. The site says that it has a sweet taste and has notes of brown sugar, spices giving way to oak and leather - probably attributed from the barrels. That said, this was a very easy cocktail to drink. So easy that I had to have a second one! I am planning to buy a bottle of this bourbon, it sounds really good on its own.

Please take a look at my cocktail pic and obsess over it with me:

okay just one more:

(fresh mint is always a good thing)

Friday, December 17, 2010

When Great Things Let You Down....

I went to Sephora yesterday to pick up a tube of Laura Mercier oil free foundation primer - I've been using this tester long enough to warrant a this did not disappoint. Although, I still wished it had an SPF but that's neither here nor there. Here's my disappointment. I figure I'd treat myself for Christmas. I was nowhere near Saks (I want a new D&G lipstick/gloss) so I figure I'd go one better. I bought a Guerlain G Rouge - #6/Garance. And for $46 it's a commitment.

Oh I swooned - I couldn't wait to play with the fancy packaging/heavy silver tube complete with a mirrored compact. I felt luxurious just holding it. The color was also gorgeous - just the perfect nude pink. Not too light - had enough pigment that would show up on my NC 42 skin tone but wouldn't compete with my dark gold/dark green eye shadow.

I couldn't wait to get back to the office so I could put this on. I did try this on in the store - the S.A. that assisted me was awesome and had the patience of a saint. I just couldn't wait to reapply this baby. It went on easily - had great amount of slip and nicely pigmented. I got at least 3 hours of wear time (I was drinking lots of water during the time of wear). I didn't quite like the way it faded on me - it just made my lips look blotchy and uneven. Oh well, it's okay just another excuse to reapply and use the fancy built in mirror compact. Maybe the more I reapplied it was just too much for my lips. Because by the end of the night my lips started to feel a bit raw. When I washed my face I noticed the top of my natural lip line was starting to look a bit red and it itched. I WAS SAD! I knew nothing good could come out of this. I knew what I had to do...I had to go back to Sephora and return it. So sad.

So I go to another Sephora today and make an exchange. This time I exchange it for a gift that I will give to one of my relatives for Christmas. I can't reveal what it is because she might stumble upon this post. After the exchange I still had money going back to my card. Maybe this was just a sign that it wasn't meant to be and I am supposed to buy gifts for others and not just for myself. The sales associate was cute - when she looked at it she remarked, "I don't even know how to open this!" We ooohed and aahed and I told her why I was returning it and even she was sad. We both agreed on how this is a perfect color to combine with smoky eyes.

She then asked if I wanted an associate to show me a similiar color in another brand and I explained to her that this would be the 5th nude pink I already owned. She then told me her mother is the same's good to know that I'm in good company.

Oh well a $46 lipstick was not meant to be but it was nice to play with even though it was for barely 24 hours. This just means I can now save up for the upcoming Chanel Spring line!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Obsession - magazines...

I think if there's one thing that I have uncontrollable spending problems with it would be my magazines. Did you ever see the Vogue movie last fall, The September Issue? Well there was a scene with Anna Wintour and her daughter, Bee Shaffer and what looked like a stuffed bookshelf of Vogues dating back from the 80's. That is what the bottom of my bed looked like in high school when I was 16. I would lose myself in my magazines and just learn these foreign names, fabulous clothes and hypnotized my fabulous makeup palettes. I have seen many come and go: Mademoiselle, Mirabella, Jane and the one that carried me through high school - Sassy. Right now I'm obsessing over this magazine I use to steal from my aunt's room, Taxi. A subsidiary of Italian Taxi, it debuted here in the states back in 1986. It was high fashion and lifestyle. It was different from Vogue, Elle and all the other magazines I was reading. Taxi introduced me to whole other continents. Yes, Vogue introduced me to Armani, YSL, de la Renta, Lagerfelt but for some reason I felt like a Parisian or Milanese girl sitting at a cafe languidly browsing through my Taxi issue. I'm pleased to find it again in eBay. This may actually get me to buy something on eBay.

I remember this cover well - I'm still mesmerized by the feathers on this model's head. I also love this Moschino photo. I still want that belt buckle as well!
(from August 1988)

There is another one with an interview with Grace Jones from 1986. That's worth the price of shipping and handling right there!

How fabulous is this cover look? I would wear this today and it would still look current. Maybe except the headband. I always try wearing a headband but the always give me headaches.

I tried looking for an updated version of this magazine and I did find it - it's an Indian magazine:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mardi Gras Purple eyes

So my eighteen year old cousin celebrated her birthday over the weekend with a Mardi Gras themed family party. I love family parties combined with a theme - YES, Halloween is my favorite holiday!! So I went with the color themes, Black, Purple, Gold and Green. I got 3 out 4 - didn't wear any green - and I wanted my makeup to reflect the theme as well. I didn't want to go overboard with a BRIGHT purple so I went with a smoky purple eye instead also it was an excuse to bust out my NARS Melusine duo again.

The lineup:

(for reference - NC 42 skintone)

L to R:
Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner - used as a base- Skinny Jeans (shimmery charcoal)
NARS Melusine Duo (lighter side - lid - matte purple side -outer V)
NYX Brown Plum from the Runway Collection Palette- Jazz Night - crease
MAC Arena (a perfect highlighter for me - it blends seamlessly into my skin - gives a hint of color without overt shimmer)
MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye liner - Designer Purple (bottom lash line)
MAC Pigment - Later - black/purple (used wet as a top lash line liner)

Here it is:

I'm really pleased with my results.

Other products used:
NARS Syracuse Sheer Glow foundation
NARS Oasis blush - rose with gold shimmer
Edward Bess Bronzer - Daydream
Dior - Shimmer Powder - Amber Diamond
NARS Lipstick - Damage - (very) sheer grape
NARS Lip Gloss - Downtown - metallic purple with pink shimmer

Ta Da:

Gabi and I love our Mardi Gras masks:

I apologize for the late posts and I apologize to those around me for my grumpiness (that was especially to my husband). I haven't been feeling very motivated lately. I am currently packing up my office and a VP's  office so I am running around tired. I even consumed two Jack and Cokes as I was making dinner - yeah it was that kind of day! I hate moving homes but moving buildings is just as bad. I never realized just how much crap I have acquired in just two years at this location. Ugh, I am just hoping for a smooth move. I have a feeling that is asking for too damn much? Time to down some prescription strength ibuprofen again - thank you Mr. Lex for being my pusher!

Monday, December 13, 2010

SF Snow Day!!

It got there with some help of course! My daughter and I met up with my good friend, Lucy and her darling little boy, Ramon. We had a great adventure today - rode the Muni train to Civic Center, SF to enjoy the Snow Park setup at Civic Center. There was an actual snow run where kids could slide down on a sled. I watched my brave 2yr old daughter realizing, "Oh Shit - I should be down there catching her" Luckily I ran down and found her being consoled by one of the guys working and watching out for the kids. Being the dainty princess she is, I found her with tear soaked cheeks and an expression on her face that read, "If you send me down that hill again by myself I will kick you in the gut!" I gave her a few candy canes and all was forgotten.

(This unassuming hill made my daughter hate me for 5mns!)

(Hapa SF, Filipino food truck)

(pork sisig over jasmine rice...yummy)

(Gabi shows her Filipino heritage by filling up on rice!)

Next we ventured to City Hall for an Open House involving free hot chocolate and cookies. I was hoping to see Mayor Gavin Newsome dressed up as Santa or something but no sign of him. He was probably too busy fixing his hair or something...oh well. City Hall does make me feel warm and fuzzy since it's the location where I got married. I had to show Gabi where Mommy and Daddy were married - technically she was there, too. I was seven months pregnant at the time. 

(I love those steps!)
(close up of the tree under the Rotunda - I got married right where the tree is placed!!)

The line was way too long for hot chocolate and cookies - you blast an announcement like that and the entire Bay Area/Peninsula is bound to show up! All and all, we had an awesome time. I even scored some fruits/treats at the Civic Center Farmer's Market. I'm so sad that the weekend is over but at least it ended on a high note!

Back to work and a party inspired eye look will coming to you soon!!

How was your weekend?