Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Larger Than Life: Long-Wear Eyeliner

First, it was about the Orgasms, this past summer we were yearned for Laguna and now we want to be LARGER THAN LIFE!

Sitting alongside the Larger Than Life Mascaras are the new Larger Than Life Eyeliners. They come in nine fabulous colors. I thought I purchase the black pencil, Via Veneto because it's usually a staple in everyone's makeup bag. I feel that if the black liner doesn't deliver then I become dubious of the rest of colors offered.

I am glad to report that I'm in love with this new eyeliner and I cannot wait to try the other colors. My current go-to black pencil was MAC's Power Kohl Liner in Feline. It's pitch dark black but it also smudges like a MoFo so I am constantly reapplying this to my lash lines and water lines.

I applied this look - MAC Woodwinked on my lid, Soba in the crease and Arena on my browbone (on top of TFSI) - around 6:15AM. This looked stayed in tact past my treadmill running session at 1:00PM. This new NARS liner glides on easy without any tugging or resistance. It goes on pretty opaque and does not budge once it sets. I was most impressed that even my waterline still looked pretty good - I just touched that area up a bit.

Another added bonus that I love about this pencil is that it swivels and it also comes with an attached sharpener (on the end of the pencil) so you can restore the original sharp tip. It's not as delicate as the Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof pencil. I think I broke most of the tip off than I actually used when I tried to sharpen it. It pisses me off thinking about it considering how much they cost - $29! I even like this better than my old favorite, MAC's Technakohl liner in Graphblack. Yes it's inexpensive, it swivels and doesn't require a sharpener but if you like having a fine tip to your  eye liner then this pencil would frustrate you. Also, Via Veneto goes on a whole lot darker in just one swipe. I would have to trace at least 2-3 times to get MAC Technakohl in Graphblack to look as dark (see arm swatch below).

Here's Via Veneto right between MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack and UD 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Oil Slick. It looks like a strip of black leather between these two liners.

I got geeky and timed all three pencils to see which one set the quickest. Via Veneto did win with a drying time of a minute and ten seconds. Next was Graphblack -one minute and thirty-four seconds and surprisingly, the UD pencil took almost two minutes to set.

My Final Assessment - I'm trying to decide which color I will buy next! There is also the Larger Than Life Lip Gloss, a Sephora exclusive. I am eagerly waiting for my next mail haul to test that baby out!

This was purchased by yours truly at Sephora in JCPenny's, $23USD. Also available online.


  1. YES!!! I'm so excited to hear that these larger than life eyeliners are as good as promised. I especially appreciate the scientific "set test" that you performed to confirm. YAY YAY YAY. I cannot wait for mine to come in. I ordered Via Veneto like you (cause black is so useful) and also Madison Ave (the grey) for the lower lashline. I will gladly plot with you on color to buy next... I'm thinking the bronze or the navy are next on my wishlist. Or maybe the almond. Thank you for reviewing so fast. I'm happy now =)

  2. HA - I was wondered how long it took for the famed UD pencil to set. I was just too lazy to time it. I am loving Via Veneto! I thought about getting Madison Ave but I'll wait till I read your thoughts on it. I'm thinking about that teal liner or maybe the purple? Yes, I will gladly return to Sephora to purchase another and maybe another after that...hahaha