Monday, August 8, 2011

Jealousy Wakes

I was so happy to receive an email from the MAC site (who isn't?) letting me know that they now had more stock of the eye shadows in their recent Bloggers Obsession exclusive online collection. This was my chance to pick up two that I had my eye on - Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus.

Today, I will just feature an eye look I did with Jealousy Wakes.

This awesome emerald green shadow was created by the lovely Christine at Temptalia. I learned about her blog the same time I discovered the always adorable, Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog. Christine describes it as an emerald with teal and gold pearl. She also introduced me to a world of color and helped me break my neutral palette uniform. I now have a love for teal eye pencils and colorful shadows because of her!

Her shadow has a veluxe pearl finish, which is my favorite finish (as far as MAC shadows are concerned) because it goes on buttery smooth and it's easy to blend.

Here it is on my arm (NC42/LM Tinted Moisturizer - Caramel)

and with flash:

It leans more on the teal side on my skin. I like this shade as it is a very unique green shadow in my collection. I'm more of an olive or khaki green gal. I don't own too many bright greens because I was never really drawn to it but Christine has made me appreciate it's beauty over the years of seeing her use this shade fearlessly!

And here's a look I did with it:

Unfortunately, I felt like it went on a bit patchy on top of my TFSI so I dampened my shadow brush (MAC #239) and packed on a bit more to even out any patchy areas. I added a neutral taupe brown, Coquette in my crease for a bit of warmth and I used a light, champagne gold shimmer - Femme Fi. I kept the liner simple - MAC's Fluid liner in Blacktrack.

I got compliments from my husband and my coworkers.

I am planning to experiment with this color and perhaps see how it would work as a liner if I added a mixing medium to it.

In all honesty, I bought this shadow in respect to Christine and for all the hard work she has put into her blog. She is one of the bloggers in the Beauty Blogging world that pushes me to try harder and really experiment with products I would have otherwise walked away from.  Lucky for me, this is a color that stands out in my collection - it also helps that I only have two other green shades in my existing stash!

To check out the Blogger Obsessions collection, please click here. This is an exclusive online collection only.


  1. Beautiful look! I love the gorgeous color :)

  2. Thanks Katherine. Yes, I can't wait to try out more looks with this one.

  3. Great look! I like the way you applied it with the more neutral crease color! :)

  4. Thanks MM,
    I think this is the only way I can wear this but I'm game to experiment with other shades, pigments, paint pots in my collection.

  5. Just got out of bed cause I realized I forgot to comment on the post cause I read it at work! Aside from that irrelevant story, I Can see why people around you are loving it! The combination with your slightly more tan skin tone makes jealousy wakes takes out some of the crazy green-ness and makes it look pretty cool! I like how you combined it with coquette. Very nice combo. Overall love! Are we going to see a hocus pocus eotd anytime soon? I was def into that color.

  6. HAHAHA OMG Dovey, you are awesome!!

    I didn't think it was going to work on me but I like that it pulls more cool on my skin. Yeah, the only way I can get it to look work appropriate is pairing it with otherwise neutral colors.

    I am planning to complete my Hocus Pocus review tonight. I am wearing it on top of Benefit's Birthday Suit cream shadow/liner. I'm liking what I see!