Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Wedgie I Can Get Behind

Every Fall I treat myself to new boots. Unfortunately, I didn't get any new boots this time around because I wasn't particularly moved by any at the time. That's good news to my over stuffed closet, my thin wallet and my price efficient husband. But I couldn't resist getting a new pair of summer sandals during Piperlime's last sale.

Because really, how could I say no to 30% off shoes?

For the first time, in a very long time I hopped on board with a current trend:

(color is a bit darker in this picture)

The woven wedge - Vince Camuto, Raven (canyon brown combo and available in black).

These cute buttery cognac sandals are by my favorite shoes to wear with my long bootleg jeans. These will gets lots of play this Summer - my work is incorporating 'denim days' during the months between Memorial and Labor Day. It's not much but I'll take what I can get.

(the color of straps are truer in this picture)

It's a synthetic outer - 4" wedge with a 1 1/2" platform. The upper is leather and it took me three painful days to break them in, even the ankle straps hurt and I have small ankles. They are still in the process of loosening but they are much more comfortable now then they were the first time I wore them a week ago. I'll be wearing these with all my jeans, slim capri pants and now I'm in the mood to buy a maxi skirt and bermuda shorts!

Also, my other favorite pairing with these sandals:

Grey lilac toes, Insouciant by Rescue Beauty Lounge. Insouciant has sadly been retired. But you can find other grey lilac out there - my other favorite is Essie's Lady Like and OPI's You Don't Know Jacques.

Have you begun your Summer sandal shopping yet? I'm hoping to add a flat black or brown sandal next. Suggestions?

I just checked the Piperlime site and these sandals are still on sale - click here.


  1. Ow, the thought of breaking in shoes is making me cringe o_o. The wedges are beautiful though! I love the side patterning and the color looks perfect for a summer sandal!

    1. Yes, it sucked but Vince Camuto shoes always work for me! Thanks and I'm glad I stuck with the pain, as they are my new favorite Summer shoe.

  2. I have always loved the wedge style, are they comfortable?...I do not know if I can make it to the Cosmetics Trend show yet, but I will let you know if I am going:))

  3. Hi Rola,
    Yes, these wedgies are comfy! I just feel like I'm extra heavy footed when walking around in these in my office. Yay, I hope you can make the show.