Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good things...

Every now and then MAC wins my heart, well I have learned to not get so worked up over the over abundant collection launches. They tend to be a bit overrated in my book. But every now and then I find a piece that is pure love and I contemplate buying backups.

Here's one I recently discovered and I have worn it every time I am lazy or I oversleep - pretty much every day the last half of August:

Electric Cool Eye Shadow in Superwatt:

It's MAC version of the cream/powder shadow hybrid in a pot. Sales associates have recommended to use a nylon brush to apply but I find that I get the best application when I just use swipe quickly with my finger from lash line right to my orbital crease and then I blend out softly. Also, the screw top pot is reminiscent to the original solo MAC shadows from yonder.

Here's a swatch:

It's a lovely light shimmering taupe with a bit of a bronzey feel. I love it best with just a simple flick of my NARS Eyeliner Stylo in Carpates. But I have also experimented with other liners and it works just as well.

I paired it with Chanel's Intense Eye Pencil in Black Jade, blackened emerald:

I am almost ready to replace all my powder shadows with these creamy, springy cream/powder hybrids (not just MAC but other brands that also offer this formula).These are the easiest shadows to apply in just five minutes, probably another reason why I'm leaving the house later and later during the week.

The MAC associate said that these can be worn without a primer and I can attest to that. However, if I am going to add on with a crease and brow bone colors, I apply my usual TFSI primer. This shadow last eight hours regardless what route you take.

I'm so pleased with this shadow that I'm tempted to pick up a back up, as well as other shades. I probably should since these are limited edition - surprise, surprise. That's when MAC takes the fun out of makeup shopping and just turns us into raving lunatics.

Well at least I'll have pretty eyes in the middle of a nervous breakdown at the MAC store.

Superwatt, is one of twelve shades in the Electric Cool Eye Shadow Collection. They retail at $18.50/USD and may still be available at your local department stores that carry MAC. Also at freestanding MAC boutiques and online


  1. Love Superwatt! It's my favorite of the Electric Cool shadows. I haven't been going crazy for all the new collections like I used to - I did not get one thing from Styleseeker and have no regrets (so far) :) !

    1. Yeah I had no desire to pick up anything from that collection. The new collaboration w/Carine Roitfeld however is a different story!

  2. Yay I'm glad you bought it! I use mine almost every day now, mostly because I'm lazy to do eye makeup!