Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Walking on the Wild Side

October 1st, marks the debut of the NARS/Warhol collaboration at a Sephora nearest you. The "Pop" collection is exclusive to Sephora. The "Silver Factory" collection will be released November 1st and will be available exclusively through 

The following is a review on the core color collection:

Click here to see some looks I tried out using these products. 

I am really anxious for the debut of the Beautiful Darling Gift Set. I did get a chance to see the Debbie Harry inspired palette at Sephora today. I had HIGH hopes for this one since I've been a Blondie fan since I was tiny, little girl. All I can say is if you if you LOVE glitter...this palette is for you! Still on the fence over this one - if I were a single girl that still partied every weekend I'd be all over this. I may have to pick up another Larger than Life gloss to support my gloss hoarding habit. I just wish some new lipsticks would have been part of this collection. Oh blush, too because I can never have enough peach or deep rose blushes hahaha...


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    1. Thanks - it's tricky to work with because it's a bit greasy. I like the color, too!

  2. You did a great job of recreating the looks! The teal pencil looks like a pretty shade & I love the yellow polish :)

    I saw the Blondie palette over the weekend at Sephora and felt the same way - definitely best for anyone who loves glitter. I know if I were about 15 years younger I wouldn't hesitate!

    1. Thanks MM,
      It's bad that I'm still trying to justify purchasing that palette because I'm a HUGE Blondie fan?