Monday, April 1, 2013

Mini M.A.C.

My daughter's birthday, my wedding anniversary, Halloween, Girl Scout Cookies...these are my favorite times of the year. Just recently I added one more - Nordstrom Triple Points weekend! 

I really try to make my purchases count at this time since you earn triple the points per dollar you spend. So I was lucky enough to have space on my account for some Chanel eye cream and this little lovely:

Rebecca Minkoff's Mini M.A.C. Shoulder Bag:

I have been craving a Rebecca Minkoff purse since the first time I laid my heavily kohl lined eyes on her M.A.B. -  'Morning After Bag' about seven years ago. Although I didn't have the funds to let me go big this time, I decided to go a bit modest with my first RM piece. 

And it is a small bag, perfect for weekend brunches, date night or any other occassion that doesn't call for stashing a large wallet filled with coupons or snacks for your daughter. I suspect that you can use this for work if you are light traveler. I think that's one of the reasons why I bought this - I need to start packing less. 

Here's a peek inside:

With two small interior pockets and a small zip pocket in front covered by the buckle closure, this is a slim purse. But don't let the size fool you - it is heavy due to the chain link strap. I read some customer complaints that long hair will get snagged easily by this strap and that hasn't happened to me...yet. It's a long strap that easily converts to a cross-body bag for hands free capabilities - when you are traveling or a parent, sometimes this is all it takes to sell a bag. 

Here's what I can stash when using this bag:

I stash my large Droid phone in the pink Kate Spade wristlet, along with some credit cards and some cash. I can also fit a small coin purse filled with change and my train pass. The chunky key chain surprisingly fits as well. And this is the biggest challenge- my touch-up makeup options. I need a mirror so a compact or blush will do. There's no room for options so I commit to a lipstick/gloss duo for the day. Not shown - my asthma inhaler, another item that needs to fit into any bag I carry with me because I never know when I'll be stuck in a car or closet with three long haired persian cats. 

I was debating about trading this in for a larger more practical RM purse when I can afford it but I really love this bag. I'm also happy I chose the Periwinkle shade over traditional black or brown. I have to give my 4 yr old daughter credit for selecting the color. 

Well she also chose the pink one but I'm not a 4 yr. old girl or Paris Hilton.

I purchased this purse at my local Nordstrom department store where I am known by all the makeup sales associates.  

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