Thursday, September 19, 2013

MAC/ANTONIO LOPEZ: Why Didn't This Collaboration Happen Sooner?

Cosmetic brand giant, MAC recently launched another genius collaboration. This one celebrates the decadent, hedonistic, sensual, disco '70's.

This collection features art work by the legendary fashion illustrator from that era,

Antonio Lopez:

courtesy of 
Here he is with a very young (Uncle) Karl Lagerfeld and one of the iconic faces he discovered and introduced to the fashion world: Jerry Hall. He illustrated what I pictured high fashion glamour to be in NYC and Internationally in the late 1970's. His women were strong, audacious and the least likely to be labeled as a wall flower.

The window display at the MAC boutique I visited today on Fillmore St, SF displays some of his images:

The display was pretty scarce as it debuted a week ago today and I was a little late to the party - as usual. But I did manage to pick up one eye shadow palette.

6 eyes/Violet:

Yes, I did buy this to have a piece of his glamorous art work. But I also bought this for the very pretty charcoal, taupe shimmer on the bottom row, graphic style.

I'm surprised that there's only one shade that is violet in a palette titled Violet but I'm willing to overlook that. I'm pleased that all the shades except for carbon are limited edition.

Here's a swatch of the lineup on my arm:

Aside from carbon, it does take some work for these shadows to show up on my arm. I have a feeling that I'll be packing layers of these shadows on my lids. It's pretty soft to the touch.

Lithe Spirits/Envisioning Pinks (s - satin finish)
Violet Impact/Showgirl/Graphic Style (vxp - not sure what finish that is)
Carbon (m - matte)

Sorry, I am only featuring the palette I purchased but if you can still find these at your local department stores, that carry MAC, or at a boutique or PRO store, do check it out.

There are a total of three eye shadow palettes, three lip palettes, two face/cheek palettes, travel blush/bronzer brush in a vinyl pouch with illustration, a makeup pouch and a two mirror compact. Each palette features original art work.

I'll feature another post when I use the shadows.

This was purchased by yours truly at my local Nordstrom store.
6 eyes/Violet palette - $43.50 (USD 5.3g/0.19 US oz)

For a better look at this collection, peep this. I love that video featured!

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