Monday, November 11, 2013

em michelle phan: Arched Defining Brow Liners

I have a confession to make - I have never watched a Michelle Phan makeup tutorial on her YouTube channel, up until recently. And if you are a blogger and into makeup, you have heard of her. If not then you must have waken up under a rock...a very big, heavy rock. She was innovative early in her tutorial videos by adopting a voice over format. It's a very documentary like feel. As a former art student, she approaches makeup application like art work. And anyone that mimics their tutorials like the awesome PBS Bob Ross instructional show, is extra cool in my book. She was named a video makeup artist by Lancome and has recently launcher her own cosmetics line, EM Michelle Phan.

I am a very, very lucky girl to have received an invitation to try out some of her products.

Arched Defining Brow Liners:

There are five shades to choose from: ash blonde, medium brown, caramel, brunette and black. Since I wasn't sure just how dark the black pencil was I opted for both the brunette and black pencils. I like that these are self sharpening and there's a spoolie on the other end for blending.

Brunette has a bit of red in it and black is not what you think. It's a dark neutral brown that has a bit of grey in it.

Here's a very naked eye with Brunette:

This is a great shade for the days where I don't want to do a heavily shaded lid or on the weekends when I'm running errands with my daughter and I just want to keep my makeup super simple.

I have been blending the two shades together and I'm loving the results:

I love that it's not too dark and it looks like it could be my actual brows if I were blessed with naturally dark and full eye brows! 

For the past twenty years, I've been a shadow and slanted brush kind of girl. In fact, it would take me less than five minutes to do both brows. Then again, that's on a good day. I actually shunned all pencils, only using to fill sparse sections of my arches. The pencils I have used are often waxy and weren't that great. I love the formula of this pencil, just enough creaminess to go on easily but still sturdy to be long lasting and it blends like a dream with the spoolie brush. I am very impressed with this product, as I take my brows seriously. 

Yes, I'm that girl that doesn't leave the house without her brows on to go on a four mile run on the weekends. 

On that note, these pencils do not fade even after an intense workout. The irony is I have bangs again and my brows are covered for the most part. Well luckily, I found this pencil to define and darken my brows when my bangs are blown haphazardly on a windy day. 

These pencils retail for $19/USD and can be found online, click here

These were sent to me for consideration. 


  1. I used to be a Michelle Phan hater...used to be?! I think I still am, never was a fan of her vid tutorial style! But she has a huge fanbase nonetheless! The pix aren't working but you probably already know that.

  2. Oh no, you can't see the pictures in this post?

    As for Michelle Phan, I was indifferent. I wasn't a follower but I didn't hate her. I'm actually really surprised by these brow pencils. I even had Roczanne use them on us for your wedding. It has great staying power.