Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Peek at NARS' SPRING 2014 High Seize Collection

Here's a very long overdue post.

Yeah, newsflash...I know! Quick update on where I've been - I quit my job in SF and now currently working in Silicon Valley for a big internet company. That's all I'll say! Also, my new job is really consuming lots of my time and sadly that last thing I want to do is review my beloved beauty products that seem to give me sad puppy dog eyes as I look at them on my sad bathroom counter!

Yes, I sometimes view inanimate objects as breathing things...just go with it!

Recently the good, kind folks at NARS treated me with a sample of the recent Spring 2014 High Seize collection. And I am inspired to write again! Rich, aquatic and anchored in glamour. This collection will really have you craving a warm yacht holiday escape from the dreaded polar vortex!

The new items have me digging deep in over stuffed cosmetic pouches to pull out more NARS products that I have been neglecting. I have rediscovered my love for NARS and just how easy I can pull a look together with these colors for those early morning that I don't have a full hour to get ready because I have to get out the door to drive up to almost an hour to work each morning. Glad to report that I have two new items to add to the mix!

Here's what was sent to me:

Na Pali Coast Multiple ($39/USD) and Larger than Life Long Wear Eye Liner in Puerta Del Sol ($24/USD).

Obligatory forearm swatches:

Na Pali Coast Multiple:

Na Pali Coast is located on the North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii. This beautiful rose peach shimmer does a very easy job of evoking walking along a balmy island shore right at dusk. It is gorgeous! As you know the multiple is a product that is that - multi-purpose for your face. Honestly, I just use it to highlight cheekbones or as a cream rouge. The darker shades I tend to use for both cheeks and lips.

I used it today to keep my complexion warm while I walked the cold, wet streets of SF this morning:

I have a love/hate relationship with the Multiple - it's a great highlighter but because my skin is dark I sometimes have to pack it on just to show up on my cheeks. If it's a shimmer then I feel too frosty - okay for Vegas, per se but not so much for a suburb south of SF. Also, it never lasts more than two hours on me. My skin sucks it right up. I have to take it with me so I can reapply. But I'll probably never stop buying them because I do love it's portability and the right shades do wonders for my look and mood. As you can tell, by my beanie, I am freezing my ass off but this glowing peachy rose cream makes me look a bit sun kissed!

Puerta Del Sol
Named after the busy town square in Madrid, Spain. It's a lovely parrot green shimmer.

I was lucky enough to visit Madrid a few years ago. I do remember visiting this square and parrot green shimmer doesn't come to mind. Until I came across this photo:

I miss Spain :(

Eye liners vibrant like this are often reserved for my bottom water lines to brighten my eyes.

A beautiful shimmering jade on my eyes. But let's talk staying power - I didn't have to touch up the color till four hours later. And that's just on my water lines! I need to purchase Via Veneto (black) next time I'm at a NARS counter. That long wear strength is just ridiculous!

This collection also feature two new dazzling shadow duos - need Kauai because it features the shade of the year - orchid! There are also two new polishes, two larger than life glosses, a new satin lip pencil and another larger than life eye liner. These shades got me in full vacay mode - I'll be back at the NARS counter soon.

Ugh, guess that means I need to clean out my makeup stash...A-G-A-I-N!

NARS HIGH SEIZE SPRING 2014 Collection available now at, NARS boutiques and department stores that feature the NARS brand.


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