Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beauty Blush Hour Event at Nordstrom SF

It's almost midnight, I'm running around packing at the last minute for a much needed little family getaway. Of course being the cosmetic obsessed psycho that I am I still made time for a beauty event. 

I went to Nordstrom's Beauty Blush Hour event at the SF Centre. 

It was sequestered in a private room near their spa. The vibe was very feminine complete with pink table cloths, pretty table settings, cute finger foods/cupcakes and of course booze:

No, I didn't drink both bottles just the one right in front of the cute turquoise cosmetic bag you receive when you enter the party. Yes, it's filled with little samples ranging from fragrance samples to nail polish remover pads. 

Each table was a makeup or skincare station.The lineup was modest but just as impressive:
MAC, Lancome, Smashbox, Laura Mercier and....

Kate Somerville: 

I was helped by a hilarious and gracious line specialist, Lindsay. She told me that you can use one of these large tan towels on both your body and face. I love that you don't need a separate cloth for separate areas of   your body. I can't wait to try this and I'll be sure to personally contact Lindsay for her recommendations. Kate Somerville is a line I'm still discovering but I do have great interest in. 

Bobbi Brown:

Sea Pearls Collection - unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of info on this collection. But it's self-explanatory - it's for Summer. 


This one really caught my attention - this is their Nordstrom exclusive collection. Le Jour de Chanel, a day serum with salicylic acid to tighten pores while exfoliating, La Nuit de Chanel, a moisturizer that hydrates with hyaluronic acid and Le Weekend de Chanel, a glycolic acid treatment that gently exfoliates your complexion. I believe this one is to be used no more than twice a week, like on the weekends. I may have to pick up one of these bottles - I love the Chanel skincare line. 


A body care line created by Aimee Werner. More on this soon, however, I do adore her body scrub and body butter. I did get a few samples that I intend on posting a review. I did get a chance to meet Aimee, a very personable, lovely and humble lady. Her body butter is very promising as she gave me a little hand massage with the clean scented Pomegranate body butter. So luxurious and modestly priced at $24/5 oz.

Also, after the cocktail hour you are then ushered downstairs to check out the counters and for informal beauty touch-ups that were complimentary. I always enjoy their events.

If you are in town, please contact Nordstrom at the SF Centre to get tickets to attend the Beauty Trend Show Saturday, June 1st. It is an early event - 8:30 AM, I believe but well worth it. There's tons of giveaways through out the runway show and you can make an appointment to try out the new beauty loot at your favorite counter! 

Yes, I'm still bummed to miss this Trend Show but I wouldn't trade it for some much needed family time while watching my daughter smile and laugh at Disneyworld! 

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