Monday, July 1, 2013

Booze Review: Derby at the Comstock Saloon

I met up with my sister and our girlfriends last weekend. It's great to stop, take a breather from my family and recharge. And how? With loud girlfriend gabbing about lipstick, breakups and food over rounds of cocktails.

Before our Chinese food dinner, a few of us met at one of my favorite restaurant/bars:

The Comstock Saloon.

This place occupies a historic space that served as a watering hole to San Franciscans since 1907, so you know you'll get "old-timey" style cocktails. Get out your elbow patched cardigans, reading spectacles, fancy polonaise and pull up a stool, especially for Happy Hour on Saturdays!

This is what I drank:

The Derby

There are two different versions of this cocktail - a sweet gin based and the one above, whiskey/rye/bourbon based (of course!).
The whiskey based also can come in two different styles - Manhattan style (but with Benedictine liqueur) and the other - slightly sour. So there are a total of three different versions of this cocktail - choose based on your mood.

I had the latter. It contains rye, orange liqueur, sweet vermouth, lime juice and garnished with a slightly crushed mint. The bartender banged it slightly with an open palm - this releases the oils making the cocktail smell wonderful while adding a subtle mint flavor.

I could have easily drank another not just because the citrus balanced out the fullness of the rye but it was nicely priced at $6. This is a lovely whiskey/rye cocktail for all whiskey lovers and can also be enjoyed by those just discovering the beauty of whiskey.

Also, I would have loved to see the bartender measure his rye pours in these awesome boot cocktail jiggers.

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