Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Sephora Exclusive Coming Soon....

Pop! Contour! Sculpt!

From professional makeup artists to the bathroom counter makeup artist in us all, NARS graces us with two new Sephora exclusive blush palettes that combine three shades to sculpt, contour and highlight.These palettes are perfect for completing your look or give you the chance to experiment. Apply separately or swirl colors together to make your own perfect shade.

(l to r)
peachy pink with gold shimmer
sheer golden apricot
soft rose tone with golden shimmer

Realm of the Senses:
(l to r)
flirty sheer peach
shimmering bronzed rose
sparkling gold sand

Both palettes: $41/USD
Available on at Sephora beginning August 1st.

I know I'll be stalking my nearest Sephora just so I can swatch these lovelies - I got my eye especially on Realm of the Senses. I bet it also looks fabulous on your eyes.

Sorry , I can't but help but wonder if this is named after the very 70's art-house erotic Japanese film of the same name.

Well, I heard of this really....


  1. I have seen this and I am so excited about these products. I super love the shades for I prefer these kinds of shades for they are light and natural.