Monday, February 27, 2012

LHASA...Nope, Not Another Review...

I think I may be the last beauty blogger on earth to pick up this eye shadow single from NARS:

Lhasa, from the Spring 2012 collection (vs. Ashes to Ashes).

I think my good friend, Dovey said it best when she mentioned it's "Ashes to Ashes cool sister" - couldn't agree with her more. Judging from my swatch shot - a bit more plum, mushroom brown and Lhasa is definitely on the lavender grey side.I often find myself agreeing with her as we share the same taste in colors! She wrote an awesome review on this shade, as many other bloggers, so I am not going to sound like a broken record. I just wanted to share my 'Lhasa LOTD (look of the day), in case you were curious to see this on a darker, NC 42 user.

This is a cool, dove gray shade. It takes at least four generous layers to get this to show on my lids. It looks even more awesome on top of a charcoal or taupe cream shadow for an easy smoky eye. But to wear this solo and you are either the same skin tone as me, a little lighter or a little darker - be prepared to do some work to get this shade to work for you!

But I love this shade and I'm glad I followed my heart by purchasing it.

I went with a nude, pink lip but I can also see this paired with a deeper plum or wine lip.

Solo or combined with a cream shadow, it's an easy shade to pull off if you are willing to put in the time and experiment with it. After all, isn't that what makeup is all about?

This was bought by yours truly at Nordstrom, SF - $24/USD.


  1. Hi Lexi!

    Thank you so much for the shout out :) Lhasa looks gorgeous (and I'm def not just saying that to be nice) on you! Your skintone really brings out the pretty purple. I'm glad you did a FOTD with the color; there aren't many looks out there and I'm in dire need of matching lip inspiration. I don't wear purples often and get confused as to whether I'm supposed to wear berry, pink, or what with a purple toned eye; I don't want any clashing going on! Nude does make sense. Out of curiosity, what is the lip color you used here?

    <3 Dovey

    1. Awe, thanks Dovey! I think I used my trusty NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bahama, which is the perfect ratio of pink-brown for my skintone. I may have topped it with UD Naked Lip Junkie (you know that deluxe sample size you get with your NAKED 2 palette). I'm pretty sure I used my peach NARS Gilda blush, as often times it is my go-to blush!

  2. Lhasa looks great on you! And that lip shade complements it nicely :) I purchased this shade too, but now I wonder if the Bleecker Street single might work better with my skintone.

    1. Thanks MM! Yeah that Bleeker St. is on the cool side - I'm pretty sure it is a lot more suitable for lovely fair complexions like yours!