Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Paula Deen loves her some butter and why not? The name alone just exudes decadence and an association with pure comfort. So when Revlon rolled out their latest pigmented lip balm, Lip Butter - the image of a swivel butter stick did come to my mind. Yes, I'm a little sick; I watch too much Cooking Channel and I refuse to cook with margarine!

Here are the real Lip Butters:

So why a dessert plate? Because the names are inspired by delectable sweets and the plate happens to be a gift from my husband from our first Valentine's Day together, almost four years ago.

The colors I went with are typical of my color choices: Lollipop (bright fuchsia pink) and Fig Jam (deep reddish brown).

For a product that's a balm, it packs a great amount of pigment! Judging by the great amount of slip at first application, you know this is going to be moisturizing and feel great on your lips. These lip butters contain mango, shea butter and cocoa butter. This is when I got a bit skeptical - this is just too good to be true.

You see, my lips are SUPER sensitive. It doesn't matter if a lipstick is scented or not - some formulas just do not play well with my lips. As you can tell, I'm super picky with my lipsticks. I was suspicious of this was going to set once the moisture and color settles. Would it leave a patchy stain? Would it settle in the cracks of any of the dry areas of my lips.

No, it doesn't leave a funky, patchy stain and yes, it will settle in areas where your lips may be chapped but isn't that true of any lipstick, gloss or tinted balm? It actually dries comfortably. When I did feel slight dryness, I just applied a touch of my lip balm on top of the stain. I feel that if I over apply a lipstick, I am just going to make my lips even drier. I like to test out new lipsticks for a stretch of three or more days - that gives me a good amount of time to see if a lipstick is truly a good match for my lips and it's not just pure luck. I've had many lipsticks work fine for me for a day, maybe even two days but by the third day my lips are dry, raw and burning like hell! Not this time, my lips are comfortable and happy.

If only these lip butters had a coordinating scent with their names. But because they don't make my lips scream in pain, I'm not really complaining!

These were bought from two different locations: Walgreens (around $8.00/USD) and Ulta ($7.49/USD).

I recently checked the Walgreens site and Revlon has a buy one/get one 50% off sale right now. How mad am I right now? Oh well, that just means I can go back for two more!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and if you believe it's an evil corporate Hallmark capitalist ploy, then I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!

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