Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MUD Squeezable Mascara Review

Hey there,
I know I have been M.I.A. lately and seriously, I do have some things I cannot wait to start writing about: polishes that I seem to keep returning to and my first serious fragrance post - well essay really. I have had lots of thoughts on that one since I'm no expert but the sense of smell always seemed to fascinate me since it really triggers memories, good and bad.

So for now I would like to share my latest post/review for missomnimedia.com:

For my thoughts please click HERE.

I have also been fighting a nasty flu. I just got over a sinus infection and then my husband got sick and proceeded to get our daughter and myself sick. I even missed two days of work -something that rarely happens. This time around a second day of rest was needed. Honestly, if I didn't have meetings from Wed-Fri, I would take tomorrow off as well!

UGH....I probably will also refrain from full face shots till I'm well again!

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