Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Everything but the Clowns...

I've been to the circus once when I was a little girl. I was enamored with trapeze artists and my heart melted with elephants performing tricks (and now my heart weeps thinking about the torturous training they go through to perform these tricks). I try really hard to remember the scent because it was just an assault to my eyes - so much to see that I just forget to use my other senses.

Plus, clowns distract me. I'm usually trying to look away so they don't come anywhere near me!

Sure they look friendly now but imagine these two coming at you in the middle of the night! Yeah, I thought so.

Therefore, this is the circus I turn to deep in my imagination:

Yeah, I'm sure she's a little creeped out, too.

I recently stumbled upon a scent that is made to give the wearer an ambiance of a circus. Really, do I want to smell like a barn with cotton candy and soda stained on the floor? Maybe this is why I tried three times to give L'Artisan Parfumeur scent, Dzing! a fighting chance. The nose behind this scent is Olivia Giacobetti, also famous for creating the famous Diptyque fig, Phylosykos and many, many more!

Giacobetti wanted to evoke memories of the circus by blending scents to make the wearer smell the leather saddle that may be on a horse or elephant, the sawdust kicked around the arena to salty sweet pink popcorn. One might be turned off by smelling like saddled animal, I know I was one of those people. But I am a sucker for reminiscing so I had to give this scent a try. I found it to be odd on paper so naturally, I was drawn to it. This is also favorite among my experienced frag-head friends and I trust their judgement...for the most part!

Leather, Musk, Woods, Saffron, Tonka Bean, Ginger and Caramel.

At first whiff, you smell a worn in saddle blended with bits of animal fur which could be attributed to the blending of saffron and musk. Then in a matter of minutes it turns sweet but not a overtly, cloying cotton candy sweet. It's actually a bit salty when you lift your nose from your skin - it makes me think of pink popcorn and mouth begins to water just slightly.

This is a treat from my youth when I was taken to the zoo. I now share this with my daughter whenever we go.

Unfortunately on my skin, the savory sweet is fleeting and then the woods and musk come in. Not just any wood but sawdust. According to my husband, it's a sawdust that would come from a fruit tree. This man knows the scent of sawdust because he is a serious wood worker and he really knows his materials. It also explains why this is one his favorite perfumes on me. The final dry down is musk. A musk that is powdery and comforting like a hug from your mom as she's sitting next to you, perhaps protecting you from those damn clowns!

At first application this fragrance is not loud as a circus. It may hit you with leather hard but it wears close to the skin like a riding boot. It gives me a vibe that I'm watching an old black and white 16mm movie of Marilyn at the circus and the sound cuts out and all I can hear is just the film in the tin rotating.

Honestly, I never thought a circus themed scent could be so sophisticated. It isn't for everyone but if you have an adventurous spirit do give this a try.

This is how I feel when I wear this:

And yes, I am usually wearing this in the evening as I wind down from a crazy workday. I know it's ironic because when one thinks circus, you are assaulted with images of heart beating high wire acts, lion taming tricks and yes, once again those friggin clowns. But L'Artisan's version of the circus is sensual, calming and sexy.

But without those damn clowns!

L'Artisan Parfumeur, Dzing! - $145/100 ml
Available online or at any fine department store that offer the L'Artisan line.


  1. I haven't tested Dzing! in a long long time - I'm going to look for my sample, stat.

    BTW, have you seen the movie "Water for Elephants"?

    1. I still need to see that film and I heard that the book is way better, but isn't always? This is the first scent I actually tried relentlessy to like and I succeeded! It definitely made my FB wishlist!

  2. I enjoyed the review :)

    I tried Dzing! only once and liked it a lot. I plan to test it more since I want to compare it to Tea for Two - just from the memory they had something in common, so I was curious to see how much.

    1. Thank you Undina, that's mighty kind of you! I need to revisit my Tea for Two decant again. I'm really starting to love L'Artisan.

  3. What a great review! Dzing! sounds intriguing :) I think I'll order a sample size of this one. I like all of the other L'Artisan scents I've tried so far: Tea for Two, Vert Violette, La Chase Aux Papillons, and Mimosa Pour Moi. :)

    1. Hey Ms. Magpie!
      Thanks so much - fragrance reviews are so hard to do but I think I'm finally getting the hang. Also, I've been doing way more scent discovering than makeup finding. Yes, L'Artisan is a house that I'm slowly loving - love Tea for Two. Another one I love is Nuit de Tubereuse - a gorgeous, spicy use of tuberose.