Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shoe of the Day - Guest Model Special!!

Today's shoe of the day belongs to my daughter, Gabriela!

Fancy cowboy boots from Gap Kids - unfortunately, they are no longer available. Well, it's no longer on their site. I am loving the distressed look with the embroidered flowers. Personally, I am a big fan of cowboy boots with jeans, leggings and cute dresses so of course my daughter is now, too:

I also wanted to wish this special mini lady a very happy birthday - she's four years old today. And just yesterday, I was in complete agony with induced labor pains. My labor may be considered short to some - fifteen hours but when you are induced it's double the fury and triple the pain! But listening to hear her yell out, "MAMA...", being attacked by her endless hugs and kisses and hearing her tell me, "I love you, Mama" She has made me a better person and I learn something new every day. Actually, I become more accepting of myself because I want her to become a confident girl knowing she will grow into one awesome woman. However, I am a work in progress because I'm not perfect and I want her to know that I don't expect her to be either. I just want her to love and respect herself. If she accomplishes that then my job is done.

I would go through all the pain for her, just as long as I was entitled to all the drugs again...hahaha just kidding, I would have gone natural. Well, I'd have to think about that.

Happy Birthday, Boo-Boo girl! Mama loves you and yes, you can have ice cream cake after having birthday cupcakes with your classmates today.

It's back to berries and apples tomorrow!


  1. A belated Happy Birthday! The belted skirt and boot combo is so precious. I only wish I could look that cute! :)

    1. Awww thanks Dovey! Me too, I love cowboy boots with dresses. I just don't know if I can still pull it off.

  2. Replies
    1. Awe thanks! I just wished you would wear straight leg jeans and flats so we could be twins!