Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MAC: Orpheus Kohl Power Eye Pencil

I took advantage of a Macy's gift card I received from my mom and bought a few items at the MAC counter at my local store. Okay to be honest I wanted to purchase something else other than makeup/beauty products. I stumbled around the shoe department and even looked at some accessories but who am I kidding? Of course I was going to stock up on some items. And if I traveled just a few miles north, I would have purchased some Chanel products but with a $80 gift card I would have only purchased an eye palette and maybe a lipgloss.

At MAC, I bought an eyeliner, paint pigment and even a lipstick. I thought I'd share the liner I purchased.

Orpheus was part of the Glamour Daze Kohl collection from back in Oct 2012. I guess it didn't sell successfully as planned since the tester liners were still on the floor and it was in stock. It's a repromote and apparently this current pencil is not nearly as creamy as the original. Feline was also re-released with Orpheus and two other shades (Mystery - black with teal pearl and Raven - black with burgundy pearl). I loved just how black and satiny Feline is but it's so creamy that it would smear to my bottom lashes immediately. It will give you that sexy, slept in look that's great for a date or night out with the girls but at your 9:00 am staff meeting? I don't know if that's an appropriate vibe to cast.

Orpheus is a black with black pearl. It's a like a dirty black gold but could take on a deep taupe shade depending on your skin tone and lighting. 

I have been using this frequently because it gives you a great smoky eye for work - a bit softer version versus traditional black liner on both top and bottom lash lines.

I also tried it on my bottom lash line with a black liquid liner on my top lash lines.

Again it softens the dark top line. I will also try it smudged heavily on my top lash line and smudge with my finger to either add a dark layer for a smoky eye or for the base of a quick 5 minute smoky eye look. This lasts barely 5 hours on my lower lash line but I will get a full 8 hours on my top lash line. I have used it on my water line without any problems. I like that these are black based but blended with a colored pearl that softens the colors beautifully. 

I normally stay away from the limited editions because I just feel that it's just all hype and I've been disappointed by these items in the past. I'm surprised that this limited edition pencil delivered. The other two items I purchased were from the permanent collection and I'll be writing a review on that shortly.

Orpheus Glamour Daze Kohl Power Eye Pencil - $16.50


  1. Happy New Year!
    This color is so wearable for me, right up my alley. I think a run to Macy's is in order.
    Can I say I have serious brow envy? Love the way you shape your brows!

    1. Awe thanks! Thanks for reminding me, I am due for a brow wax.