Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year...New Me....

Well almost. I didn't get a drastic new hairstyle, nor did I lose half a person, however, I am trying my hardest to lose just 10lbs. I never set crazy ass goals or resolutions the beginning of a new year except this time. It's a very small and honest goal.

Just to be a better version of myself.

This means many things: pay bills on time, be at least 5 minutes early for every situation, lose a little weight, save money to travel...etc...

So this week, I'm trying to focus on the last money to either travel or just pay off a few credit cards. I am trying to use up what's in my current makeup stash that isn't expired. Me being me, I found a loophole. I exchanged a few items that didn't work for me with some products I have been wanting to try but I always forget about. Surprisingly, it was an even exchange like a sign that I was meant to try these products out. Okay, maybe I should add 'lay off on the wishful thinking' to my list of how to create a 2.5 version of myself.

Today, I tried out Too Faced La Creme lipstick in Coral Fire:

My favorite Too Faced product is the Shadow Insurance eye primer - a great layering base that really keeps my shadows locked on my lids for 8 hours a day despite sweaty afternoon gym sessions. I recently received a deluxe travel sized peach leopard bronzer and it's easily becoming a product that I'm using when I want an easy flush of warm color.

I recently stumbled upon this lipstick when I was Christmas shopping for my sister in the Too Faced section of Ulta and I've been thinking about it ever since. When it was time to make an exchange at Sephora, I knew this an item I was going to add to my collection.

This is a very creamy, glossy lipstick - like a gloss/lipstick fusion. From twenty colors to choose from - you'll have a hard time just picking one shade. This contains lotus flower extracts that promises to hydrate and smooth the lips with anti-oxidants. Power peptides condition and firm the delicate lip area. Also, it promises a saturation of color.

The shade I went with is Coral Fire, a warm peachy red.

That's just one swipe of color straight from the tube.

This color is great introduction to spring but it's still dark enough for post-winter looks. This lasts about 2 1/2 hours and that's just due to my constant glasses of water in the morning. There is no scent so that's nice for those that are sensitive to scents in beauty products. It may not be long wearing but it does leave a nice light stain on the lips. The jury is out on this lipstick since I've only worn it once and my lips do feel slightly dry just after a day of wearing.

I've paired it with a warm beige lip liner, MAC Cream O'Spice so it looks a bit warmer. I'm curious to pair this with a red liner just to see the difference in color. I am hoping this works with my sensitive lips and I won't have to exchange this lipstick that I was so excited to try out.

Here's to a better, albeit a slightly, version of myself!

$21/USD 0.11 fl oz


  1. Hi Lexi, Happy New Year! I hope it's full of good things for you! I look forward to your posts in the coming year :-)

    Fire looks beautiful on you and with your eye makeup too!

    <3 Dovey

    1. Hi Dovey,
      Thanks and Happy New Year to you, too! Thanks, I need to put this lipstick to the test. I really hope it works well on my lips with repeated use. The eyeliner I am sporting is a MAC permanent liner - Orpheus, a dark metallic taupe layered on top of carbon shadow along my lash line. I'll be reviewing soon.

    2. Can't wait to see! Orpheus already sounds awesome as a name :-D