Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pretty Pink Lips for Valentine's Day, Day 3

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have something special planned, whether you are single or attached I think it's just splendid to share love with those closest to you.

Not a warm and fuzzy partaker of all things red and pink hearts? Um...Happy Thursday?

Okay so what did I wear on my lips this day?

Hot pink of course!

The matte lip pencil to line my lips in Never Say Never (pink lilac), pure matte lipstick in Carthage (hot pink) and to top it off Easy Lover (sheer hot pink). Never Say Never is a softer pink so it tones down Carthage for the office. Even though both formulas are matte finishes they both set on my lips pretty comfortably but I like a light layer of gloss just for a bit of sheen.

I apologize - lighting is a bit dark here. Trust me, Carthage is pretty bright in person and to really set it off I recommend a bright pink lip liner or More To Love, MAC Pro Wear Liner (I featured yesterday). I'm thinking about ordering 413 Bleeker Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, fuchsia pink.

Again, I apologize for the low lighting. I am still trying to experiment with lighting in different rooms. Yes, I need to invest in brighter lighting. I will say that with my soft pink flower sweater and pink lips, I was in a Valentine's Day mood all day! And yes, it even made me smile. 

Unfortunately, that smile didn't last as I went into the office and was immediately annoyed by all the work and messages waiting for me. However, thinking about my two biggest Valentines, Mr. Lex and mini-cupcake which I will now rename, PrincessDivaGirl (self-explanatory) put a smile back on my face.
We didn't do anything big and special tonight because to us it was Thursday and spending special times with the two biggest loves of my life is pretty much every night. 

I hope you had a great and lovely Valentine's Day.

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