Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Themed Lips, Day 1

Okay, I'm a day late kicking off this Valentine Lip themed week. I have a valid excuse, I was sick and still am. I just didn't want another day to go by without me attempting to show my Valentine's Day spirit.Yes, it's a Hallmark created holiday and one of the most dreaded day by bitter singles, partners and men! But being the hopeless romantic that I am, I love it. I don't expect getting presents, it's nice when my husband does surprise me with a little something, I just enjoy the multi-colored heart decorations, buying the little Valentine cards for my daughter's class and of course the traditional colors - red and pink.

I wanted to focus on pink, plus I've been rocking a pink lip pretty hard lately.

So for day 1 of Valentine themed lips, I give you MAC Cremesheen, Speed Dial.

A permanent fixture in the cremesheen lineup, this light bluish pink is my definition of the perfect Barbie pink lipstick. I know that's a very subjective claim but I'd say this is a daytime Barbie pink lip whereas a nighttime Barbie pink is brighter and maybe lean towards the fuchsia side of the fence.

And here it is on me, without a lip liner:

I know it looks a bit cool on me but with a heavier black lined eye, this ties a 60's inspired look together. This also looks great with Soar lip liner, I'll be featuring that pinkish brown pencil later this week, it takes a warmer tone.

I know that red is the more traditional Valentine's day color for lips but red has gotten lots of attention the past Fall/Winter season that I think I'm ready for the warmer months ahead, so I've been really craving a sweet pink lip look.

I definitely got it with Speed Dial

Speed Dial ($15/USD) is part of the permanent cremesheen lipstick collection for MAC. This can be found at department stores that carry the MAC brand and it can be found online.

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