Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Booze Review - 2/16/2013

Yay, booze review! This is the one time my guy friends feel okay to openly make comments on my otherwise  pink, fluffy, girly blog. I know I don't do these very often but like some of my guy friends that like these posts, I have a family and I can't just make an appearance at a hip, newish bar on a Tuesday night.

Lucky for you, I had a belated Valentine's dinner back on Saturday, 2/16 which allowed me to try a few drinks. I had to twist Mr. Lex's arm to drive us back home - luckily, he didn't put up too much of a fight.

I give you the Old Bittered Monk, Prospect - SF:

Look at that light gorgeous amber color. I has just one generous ice cube to give it the right amount of chill and it didn't overly water down my rye cocktail. The thick generous orange peel gives it a concentrated orange flavor. This is delicious, I was sad when I was finished and I can't wait to go back for more.

Old Overholt Rye, Amaro Nonino, Yellow Chartreuse, Orange Bitters

This is the first time I heard of Old Overholt Rye and with some research, I need to go out and buy a bottle, not just because it's cheap (can go for $14) but it's a bit on the fruity side and nobody will give you a dirty look if you add some ginger-ale to it as opposed to a Rittenhouse Rye or something fancy like that.

Next up - Eve's Abandon, RN74

Ingredients: Applejack, Rye, Lemon, Mulling Spice and Egg white

It's frothy and almost like a pisco sour but with rye and is not as sour. I like the fragrance of this cocktail. Applejack, I believe is an apple liquor, along with the mulling spice it is reminiscent of a fall dessert. I would drink this one again.

And last but not least, Death in France, RN74

Ingredients: Yellow Chartreuse, Sparkling Wine, Yuzu, Orange

At first sniff, it is fruity, bright and citrusy. This is what you drink at brunch, not end the night that involved pork, bacon marmalade and rye. I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered this drink. I think I just wanted to mix it up but after drinking two full flavored drinks, this was just not logical. It is sweet from the Yellow Chartreuse liquer but it also has a bit of a herbaceous bite. The yuzu gives some tart flavor and the orange keeps you from making a pucker face while sipping.

Would I drink this one again? Only if I return to RN74 during lunch hour and if my meal involves an egg scramble with bacon, naturally.


  1. First post! Old Overholt would be a good addition to your liquor cabinet. It's cheap, has a proper old school label and twist off cap, but a bit gentle at 40% abv. I bet that cocktail would have been really good with Sazerac or Whistle Pig.

    1. Ryan,
      Why haven't I heard about this stuff before? Cheap, delicious rye? Sign me up!