Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Reminisce Over a Spell or Shall I Say Think Back....Miss Omni Media, Week of 8/21

I came across a shade that immediately made me feel like I was 19 years old and it's 1993. And then I thought, Oh Sh*t, that's TWENTY years ago!

To make me feel even older, I came across what's hot for Fall on one of the online shopping websites I subscribe to:

A lot of plaid to pay tribute to times of grunge-lore. I did wear a motorcycle jacket almost daily and I did covet a pair of ankle boots - not Dr. Martens but they were kickass Monkey boots that I loved dearly. I have been longing for a pair of Docs and since I'm an adult, a wife and a mother, I think I deserve them. I'd look even more kickass than usual.

For my current lipstick obsession and a walk down my memory lane, click here.

And for you Hip Hop Historians, my subject title is from the song, They Reminisce Over You by Pete Rock and CL Smooth.

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  1. Nice get up! Love that all black theme. Two thumbs up! :)