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Kate Somerville and My Temperamental Moody Skin...

The following skin care products were sent to me for review by the lovely and generous folks at Kate Somerville.

Last month I tested out KS Goat Milk body lotion, (loved!) and now a month later I am back to report on two items I used religiously for a month.

I usually bail on a face product as soon as I get some type of undesirable reaction but I really wanted to stick it out with these two products, well if I got really bad acne then I would have stopped. I'm not a sadist for beauty. Even I have my limits when it comes to beauty products!

I am seriously in love with this serum:

Key ingredients include:
A blend of three advanced peptides diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles while marine algae and hyaluronic acid complex provide immediate and long-term moisturization and restores the skin's natural capacity to retain moisture.

Oil-free formula which is compatible with virtually all skin types
Aside from reducing fine lines, replenishing moisture in the skin, it also increases luminosity to the complexion.

Clinical results:
In just two weeks - 77% of women showed improved elasticity and firmness.
In just four weeks - 91% of women showed a significant increase in moisture, 77% of women said their skin's overall appearance was improved and healthier looking.

My thoughts:
At 38 years old, I don't have a whole lot of wrinkles to worry about. I worry about preventing any wrinkles that may occur in the near future. I was interested in the skin brightening properties. I have some discoloration from dryness causes by eczema. I will say that the discoloration is a bit lighter, although it's not completely gone but it is noticeably lighter. It's unscented and absorbs quickly. Also, it has helped my skin stay relatively smooth. It also works well underneath my CeraVe moisturizer. I also like the window on the side of this bottle so you can keep track of how much product you still have left. The recommended use is two pumps of serum but you can get by with just one pump or a pump and a half. I'm really trying to get by with just one pump to make this bottle last. Use morning and night.

The next moisturizer I tested:
Deep Tissue Repair Cream with Peptide K8

Key ingredients include:
Advanced Ceramide-infused Peptide is formulated to diminish the visible depth and density of wrinkles.
An Advanced Moisture Complex helps to prevent water loss and keeps skin more evenly balanced with humectants and conditioners.
Babassu and Hemp Seeds are intended to increase the appearance of firmness.
Olisopeptide is intended to increase the appearance of firmness.

Minimizes the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles.
Improves the look of skin's texture and tone creating supple, younger looking skin. 

Clinical Results (based on an independent clinical study):
Clinically proven to minimize the appearance of fine lines  and wrinkles.
Clinically proven to have a visibly smoothing effect to the skin.
Significantly improves moisturization of the skin after 4 weeks.
Clinically shown to reduce skin redness

My results:
I had to initially get over the pineapple scent of this moisturizer because I'm use to unscented moisturizers - a warning to sensitive noses. But it does fade after awhile. Another thing I had to get use to was the (air-less pump) push down dispenser. I normally like a regular pump or scooping with clean fingers. When you push down a considerable amount of product comes out. Also there's no window on the side of this jar so you don't know when you are running out. I found out when I pushed down on the dispenser and nothing came out...I'd say a good 30 days later. This is a thicker cream and takes a bit longer to absorb. It did keep my skin moisturized nicely, so it did improve the moisture level of my usually dry skin. 

My only problem with this moisturizer is that there's no window on the side of this container so you can't keep track of how much product you have left. There's a lot of cream that comes out of the pump. The CytoCell Serum lasted longer than this moisturizer, as a matter of fact I still have some leftover. 

If I had to choose which product I would go back and purchase another bottle of it would definitely be the CytoCell P299. It went on so easily, it's unscented, it didn't clog my pores or disrupt my sensitive eczema prone skin and it even helped lighten discoloration caused by years of thickened skin because of my eczema. I did experience slight dryness and skin thickening on the side of my forehead because I stopped using my heavy steroid ointment for my skin situation. I wanted to see if this moisturizing combo could be so great that I would no longer need this ointment. I was doing well about two weeks into my new routine until I noticed my forehead was itchy and I felt the dry patches coming back. The great news, I had to apply this ointment the sides of my face - underneath my outer cheekbones, my chin, my nose and my forehead. And now I only apply to part of my forehead that's dry.

I began to fear the end of my bottle that I was going to plan my next trip to Neiman Marcus to put a bottle on my account. Luckily I found this on ebay for a very, VERY good price.

Phew...excuse me as I wipe the sweat off of my smooth forehead!

CytoCell CytoCell P299 Oil Free Anti-Wrinkle Serum
1 fl oz $95/USD

Deep Tissue Repair Cream with Peptide K8
1 fl oz $150/USD

Available at

And all fine stores that feature the Kate Somerville collection.

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