Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stepping it Up!

I've been one busy mama. I work a full eight hour day assisting three different departments and when I get home I assist one demanding diva, my five year old daughter and oh yeah, occasionally my husband. Okay, I keed - my daughter isn't demanding, well not all the time and I treasure the moments I get in the door, kick off my shoes and spend time with my family.

Also, I entered a new dimension...elementary school. My daughter started Kindergarten today - how did this all happen? I look at new moms with there adorable newborns and I think that was me yesterday, yeah yesterday like five years ago.

I'll be exploring this topic more coming soon - I just really wanted to explain my side of the story on why I've been M.I.A. in the blog world lately - as in this blog world. I've been posting regularly on another online magazine and when it comes time to pay attention to my site, I've been acting like one bad bitchy neglecting mother!

Good news: I actually have new product to share with you guys!

SHOES...Yes, you read that correctly. The one item I wanted to review that's near and dear to my heart next to eye shadows and lipsticks - shoes. A good reason why I can't report on shoes regularly - they are hella expensive or they can be, especially the ones I wish I can prance around in.

What I really craved in my wardrobe was a wedge pump that was fancy enough to hold it's own while paired with cropped trousers and pencil skirts while being able to hang out with my boyfriend, straight leg and skinny jeans.

I allowed myself to purchase just one item from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale

I went with these:

Coach Emma Pump.

Peep toe was not a pre-requisite, in fact I wanted a closed toe. But I am a sucker for details, especially bows. How could I resist this?

It stands at 3 1/4", it's patent leather upper/leather lining and rubber sole. It's a perfect height for work and basically getting around in. 

I did the unthinkable, I walked around in these from my car, to train station, to office. It's about a seven minute walk to my office from the train station. I survived. It wasn't like walking in a sherpa lined Ugg slipper but it didn't kill me either. In fact, I walked around in these and never had to change into flats. I took a break the next day by wearing flats and my feet were not hurting. I proceeded with the break in process again the day after. 

Yes, it did rub around my feet - they aren't the most narrow, dainty feet. If I could survive in these shoes so can you. Unless your feet are wider than mine. I didn't get any blisters but I also don't wear these on consecutive days just so my bunion doesn't yell at me. These are true to size (I got these in a 9 and I can sometimes wear a 8 1/2 depending on designer). Withing two weeks, they are broken in. The one annoying thing you have to factor - there's a bit of a squeaky noise when I walk due to the patent leather. I'll get over it but it'll probably drive my cubicle neighbors crazy. 

I bought these for $124.99/USD during the sale and they are now retailing at $188/USD

I didn't stop there, I bought another. Ugh, I know I am weak. But how cute are these kicks:

Adidas Dragon Sneaker for girls. 

My daughter has to look good for school, right? The problem was I showed these to her too soon. She begged us daily to wear these. When I purchased these for her, school was at least three weeks away. Her dad was good at saying no just to preserve the clean look of these shoes. White? What was I thinking? But I am also a girl that loves shoes how could I say no? 

I allowed her to wear them around at preschool and also around when we went out on the weekends. They did get a bit dirty but they are not as bad as me wearing white shoes. I would have spilled coffee within the first five minutes of wear time. 

It has a removable insole, textile and synthetic upper/textile lining/EVA sole.

I bought these on sale for $36.99 and it is now regularly priced at $53.95/USD. These run a bit big. My daughter is currently a size 12 and I got her a 12.5. She's got substantial space but I know that is fleeting since she shoots about a 1/4 of an inch each month. 

My daughter and I are very pleased with our shoes. Seriously though, she takes after me - no surprises here, well just in cost savings. 

These shoes were purchased by yours truly at Nordstrom. 


  1. Love your shoes! Wedges are my favorite - they are easier to walk in than pumps and work great for the office or going out on the weekend :)

  2. I'd love these shoes even more if they weren't squeaky when I walk or just move my feet around.