Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge - IKB: 2012 and Underwear, a preview...

This is a quick peek at the latest snag from the Rescue Beauty Lounge presale for the latest collection dedicated to Ji's biggest fans. It was a pretty neat contest - Ji asked her fans to submit their ideas for their fantasy nail colors. Almost equivalent to an essay writing contest we did as kids. She picked four winners.

Take a look a look here for the color lineup. I only had enough in my budget for just one color. It was a tough decision!

I thought I was done with blue polishes...again I THOUGHT....well that was until I stumbled upon IKB: 2012

IKB stands for International Klein Blue or Yves Klein Blue, a deep blue hue that the artist Klein used exclusively to convey his artistic concepts. in 1961, the French artist teamed with chemist to create his own particular brand of blue by mixing pure color pigment with a binding medium, polyvinyl acetate.

To the untrained artist eye (mine), it's a blurple (bluish-purple) and it's stunning. A nice alternative if you are not into bright summer tangerines/oranges. I also picked up Underwear, a white that turns most shades into almost neon shade when used as a base coat. I cannot wait to play and experiment.

Here's a quick swatch:

I apologize that IKB:2012 isn't as vibrant in my picture as it is in the picture from the RBL site. Hopefully, I can capture this in the sunlight as I plan to have this as my next pedicure shade. My only complaint is that it was streaky after two coats - I needed a third coat for even coverage.

Underwear is on my ring finger, obviously and I will show you what it looks like when layered with a bright pink and orange. The beauty of this 'liquid paper-esque' shade is that it gives the effect of a lit within nail shade when used as a base coat. I only needed one coat for opaque coverage.

Here are more bottle pics:

ikb:2012 looks like a navy blue so here it is in a flash photo:

You can see somewhat of it's vibrancy. Yes, I know I need to do more natural light photos.

ikb:2012 is already sold out but her fans are hoping that this will make another appearance. Underwear is part of the permanent collection but I think Ji hinted that once supply depletes, this color will be retired. I took that as a hint to grab this one now.

These were purchased by yours truly at

The Fan Collection shades are $20/USD
Underwear and older shades - $18/USD


  1. Wow, Klein blue! Lexi, I'm surprised you fell for a blue too! However I don't think one can get enough of Klein blue--- (I love staring into Outremer'a pan). Nails seem like a more pragmatic way to get a daily dose :)

    1. Hi Dovey,
      I had to use my Outremer as a liner today because you mentioned it! Also, I forgot I had it - sign of a beauty addict, right?

      You would LOVE this blue!

  2. i loveee the blue!! so pretty.. but i'm drooling over your e-ring sooo gorgeous!

    1. Aw thanks girl!! It's the only bling I own and the most important piece of my collection.

  3. That blue is amazing! I should have got it but had splurged on too many other things and waited too long! Hopefully it will make a reappearance sometime :)

    1. Hi MM!!
      Yes, hopefully Ji will get an overwhelming response and bring it back to the masses. She's really great listening/reading to customer feedback so I can see her doing this. I'll be getting a pedicure with this color today - can't wait!!

  4. Wow that is such a gorgeous color! And I'm with Lisa - love your e-ring, beautiful :)

    1. Awe thanks so much! Yes, it's my most prized possession!