Monday, April 16, 2012

Where Have I Been?

I know it's been a few days since I posted and for the first time it was not out of sheer laziness (shocker for me, actually). I have been spending time with my theater group acting as makeup artist for our latest show:

A quick story synopsis: Three homeless young adults are on the streets doing what they can: panhandling, performing at drag clubs and hustling with married men in order to raise money to avoid another bitter winter on the streets of Chicago for a new life in San Francisco. The story is also loosely based on Shakespeare's "Pericles".

It may not sound like a whole lot of makeup is needed and yes, that's somewhat true but I do need to make the characters look tired with my new favorite stage makeup item: Kryolan's Bruise Wheel (see below photos) and I get to apply artificial facial hair! This requires applying and removing spirit gum adhesive so needless to say, I will not be getting a manicure till the show wraps next month.

Here's where I've been hiding all last week after a long day at work:

You think packing makeup for travel is challenging - try editing your palettes, brushes, lipsticks, glosses and pencils for actors. It was trial and error but I will say that I have been having lots of luck with Urban Decay shadows, NARS blushes/lip palettes. I have also discovered the wonders of NYX lip liners and fake lashes. Of course there's a few MAC products thrown in for good measure. I am so glad I purchased that jumbo sized MAC makeup remover wipes there on the far right - the actors grab them right away after curtain call to let their skin breathe freely again. Another good purchase: spray bottles - one filled with water and the other filled with MAC Brush Cleaner. I am constantly cleaning brushes with these two liquids.

Both NAKED 2 and Ammo Palettes from Urban Decay have been getting lots of play on my actors' faces. I have gotten great color payoff under stage lighting with these shadows and yes, I do apply with a heavy hand!

Here is the Bruise Wheel I mentioned earlier with some other Kryolan base shades I purchased at the Kryolan shop. They are activated with water so I like to keep a water spray bottle handy. Also, there a black stippling brush up top there (propped up against the L'Oreal foundation bottle up top). That's been great to use with a matte black aqua color also from Kryolan to mimic a man's heavy 5 o'clock shadow. I am also happy to announce that I no longer have a fear of applying false lashes on another person. You just have to go for it and remember to let the glue dry for at least 15 seconds.

The delightful Will Dao as the transsexual character Gil. He asked me if we could try different eye shadows every performance - seriously, how could I say no to that? It's been such a blast doing makeup for him. I am sure my drag makeup could use some help but I am having so much fun learning along the way and I'm so thankful for Youtube tutorials to guide me!

The show just opened last weekend and we did well - we even got reviewed by online Asian American magazine, Hyphen.  The show runs till May 5, 2012.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area from now till then please stop by, support small local theater and allow to let you mind and heart open to this intense but truly wonderful story.

For tickets, click here.

I promise to try to post here and there. Maybe I'll update you with more looks I did for Will. So far we are loving Shattered (UD) on his lids.


  1. Wow check out that makeup spread...all profesh!

    1. thanks girl - this is pared down, too!

  2. The show looks like a lot of fun! You are brave to apply the false lashes - I can barely put them on myself correctly lol, but like you said you just have to go for it! :)

    1. Thanks MM,
      It's been really tiring but so rewarding at the same time. I'm now comfortable with being in someone's face applying gel eyeliners and falsies. It took lots of practice and altoids :)
      Yes, I still need to practice putting falsies on myself.