Friday, April 6, 2012

Sephora Sale Loot...

Today was the last day of the 15% off sale at Sephora stores and online. I just wanted to share just some of the items I purchased:

It's pretty modest but I did get some items I normally don't seek out when I'm in Sephora.

Lancome's Rouge in Love Lipstick, Violette Couquette (love this for the name alone, deep violet - a lot brighter than the picture. SORRY)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, Perversion (blackest black matte)
Make Up Forever Aqua Liner, #15 Iridescent Anthracite (gunmetal gray)
Sephora Healing Eucalyptus Cuticle Oil pen.

The item I'm most excited about is the Lancome lipstick. I have history with the brand - it's my first luxury cosmetic brand. I used it when I was in high school - I was lucky to have a mother that was obsessed with buying high end cosmetics. I blame her for my addictions (plural because she also love buying fragrances, like me).

I'll be posting on these items soon - more to come! Did any of you partake in this sale? Is your loot bigger or more modest than mine?


  1. Hi Lexi, It seems like a concise and hardworking list of products! Violetta coquette looks like quite a dramatic color. Will you be wearing it soon? =D

    On a random note, it's late and I'm sleepy... so for a second, I thought I saw cutipocalypse (like a cuticle apocalypse) because somehow I melded eucalpytus and cuticle together. Not sure what that says about me =P

    1. Thanks! Violetta is actually more of a bright violet that leans cool. I love it because it makes my teeth look whiter. hahaha I will be reviewing that one - pretty excited about it but we'll see how my lips take to the formula since they are soooo sensitive! hahaha yeah, sounds like you need some sleep. Did you get anything?

  2. I love the packaging of the Rouge in Love lipsticks. The liners you picked sound great. I went a little lipstick crazy in Sephora on Friday and purchased a new Dior Addict Extreme, some MUFE lipsticks & a Laura Mercier lip balm. I wasn't planning to buy anything but decided at the last minute to go ahead and take advantage of the 15% off!

    1. Yeah, I really like the Rouge in Love packaging as well. I'm impressed with the formula - I may need to get another color! I was also interested in the Dior Addict Extreme lipstick but I didn't want to go overboard since I was on limited funding...I didn't mention that I went to the MAC counter after ;)