Monday, January 23, 2012

Beauty Baller on a Budget...MISS Guest Post for week of Jan 22.

Hey there,
I've been tightening my budget and so far, I haven't caved in on cosmetic splurges - buying perfume decants off members from my online fragrance club is a whole different story! This give me opportunity to dig around my local drugstores or Ulta Beauty Shops for affordable makeup. And leaves me more money to spend discovering wonderful scents!

Here's my latest find and contribution this week for

For $4.99, I am so pleased that I found a staple - I have been using this pretty much 5 out 7 days of the week!

Read my review here.

Have you made any new drugstore discoveries? Any suggestions?


  1. I was just thinking it looked like MAC Soba (which I know and love from reading your blog) and then I read the part where you said it was like Soba :)

    I might be a new drugstore addict (although it really isn't a cheap addiction either). Fortunately the ones near me aren't well stocked with new items. I'm currently plotting a list of things to order online :)

  2. Hey Dovey,
    Yeah it really adds up! Just when you think, "ooh, BUY 1/GET 1 50% off!" you can easily leave Target, Walgreens, etc spending $40 but then again you can walk out with up to 5 items vs. 1 item at Chanel or 2 at the MAC counter. The good thing is that Ulta usually offers coupons off purchases - this is when I try to stock up on NYX and other low-priced brands!

  3. You've been tagged, my friend!