Monday, June 4, 2012

Always a Crowd Pleaser

Up until recently, I have embraced wearing crazy, trendy colors on my toes. I love the current trend orange peeking out from open toed shoes, sandals and boot cut jeans. I also love looking down at my toes while in flip flops or in the middle of yoga class and I see flashes of ocean blue or turquoise quickly invoking the ocean right at my feet. 

I was going to do a bright blue but I wanted something that would go with any kind of shoe or sandal and I more than sheer pink toes. But sometimes you cannot deny the power of a red pedicure. Enter Rescue Beauty Lounge's Killa Red - a sultry, blood red fit for a femme fatale. Two coats, a great shiny topcoat and a smile is all you need!

It's feminine, sexy but always chic. Red toes will never go out of style in any type of weather; it's just right. 

My daughter begs to differ:

She decided to go with Essie's Turks and Caicos. I think it matches her Cinderella slippers nicely, don't you?

Killa Red puchased by yours truly on but unfortunately it has been sold out. And no, my daughter doesn't get pedicures with me - I do it for her when she's good. 


  1. Excellent choice Gabi, I love Turks & Caicos too!

    1. I should post a picture of her current pedi shade - Deborah Lippman's Mermaid's Dreams. It's a bluish-gold duochrome with a teal glitter. It's pretty but hopefully won't be a pain to get off!

  2. Killa Red is such a beautiful red! And your daughter's pedi color does go very nicely with those cute Cinderella slippers! :D

    1. Hi MM,
      Yes as you can see she's super girly with her matching toes and sandals. I think it's okay to be matchy-matchy when you're 3!