Monday, June 25, 2012

Clutching Right This Moment: Guerlain by Emilio Pucci Terra Azzura Bronzer

Technically, I bought this mid May but I didn't really give it any love till I started using it by the end of May/early June. You see, this is expensive but just check out the packaging - it's worth it and yes, I am reaching for justification. Also, Neiman Marcus does NOT refund or exchange used cosmetics like my beloved Nordstrom so I held out to the bitter end before using taking my brush to this.

You know I'm a sucker for packaging, so it's no surprise that I would fall in love case that was designed to emulate a Riva yacht with smooth ebony varnished wood. Yeah, because I know all about Riva yachts...

Okay here's another look at the packaging:

Yes, it's kept closed with magical magnets! No seriously, I just enjoy twisting it open and shutting it easily by aligning the magnets together. 

The colors are just as important - you pretty much have four shades to play with. The bronzer has a bit of a reddish undertone. I was a bit hesitant, as I don't like my bronzer too red or orangey because I'm not going for the oompa loompa look some tanorexic girls sport. This is pretty subtle on my skin and it has a very subtle shimmer - you can barely detect in on your face. The individual colors are orange, cool rose and a highlighting shell with a bit of pink. They all contain fine shimmer and work best when you swirl them together. It does have a heavy floral scent in the pan and when you first apply but it quickly dissipates on the skin. I get good wear time before having to touch up - normally after a gym workout - about a good 4 to 4 1/2 hours out of this.  Keep in mind I wear this over a tinted moisturizer that's applied over a good foundation primer. 

Here they are swatched individually: bronzer, orange, rose and the shell highlighter. For reference, I am a MAC NC42 or NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, Annapurna, or Burberry #9. 

I use the bronzer traditionally - under cheekbones, jawline and hairline. I then swirl the blush/highlight shades and apply to the apples of my cheeks and very lightly drag the brush downward. I use either the Bobbi Brown Face Blender brush or MAC's #168, the large angled contoured brush. 

I am pleasantly surprised how well this works with different eye looks.

Here with smoky plum eyes:

And here used to compliment smoky gold eyes:

I have been using this daily - seriously. I have stopped using my other favorite summer blush, NARS - Liberte and I feel a little guilty about that. This is my first Guerlain purchase and I'm pleased with this bronzer/blush palette. It's gorgeous to look at on my bathroom counter and in the palm of my hand.

For the amount of money I paid for this, I better love it so much that I'd sleep with it under my pillow.

I don't. Well, not yet....

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  1. Great review! Nice colors!