Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show, Part Deux

More scenes from last weekend's Beauty Trend Show at Nordstrom, SF:


Really feeling the bright jeans and button down blouses. I need a bright blouse to pair with a pencil skirt!

Valentino's Valentina Fragrance:

What I love most about this - the model's maxi dress by Rachel Zoe.


Young Skin similation
Old Skin similation
Pretty sad, right? Well Clarins has something for that - Extra Firming Day or Night Rejuvenating Creams.


Sorry, this picture came out blurry but I thought the model's pose was super cute. This is to promote the latest summer collection, Hey Sailor

Here's a better pic:


Love these floral skinny jeans by Dylan George the most and I love Laura's ombre highlights (National Smashbox artist on the lower right).


I love this model's smile and her Extreme Addict lipstick, of course!

Trish McEvoy:

This 'Brighten Up' Eyes Set inspired Kevin here to sing a song! It was very entertaining and he has a very lovely voice.


The focus was on their Sheer Luminous Foundation and everyone was promised that their shade could be matched. I can attest to that claim - #9 fits me perfectly!


Jean, with Shiseido, shows us the lash curler and makes a big announcement: DICK PAGE will make an in-store appearance at the SF Nordstrom on 9/20. I'm super excited because I am a fan and that happens to be my birthday. It's meant to be.

Also, I am loving this model's chocolatey hair.


National Artist, Darryl closes the show. He's a larger than life personality and we loved him. I had to stalk him in at the Chanel counter just to get a closer look at his double-C belt buckle - it is truly AWESOME! I was too shy to say anything to him and he was constantly harassed by customers.

I am missing a few other pictures but I think you get the idea of this show. Some of my closing thoughts: please feed your guests real breakfast, Nordstrom! I understand that you want us pumped early in the morning but honestly, I think cupcakes and breakfast is not the best way to go.

Also, I was just a bit taken back by the women in the audience hootin and hollering - it was way too early. I did loosen up as the show went on but I was by no mean 'raising the roof' like some other ladies were. I did feel overwhelmed by the end of the show and some of the give-aways samples from each counter were a bit of a disappointment.

I ended my visit with a makeover with Le Metier de Beaute:

Here I am with Ivan and I am pleased with the results. I really wish he wasn't based in Beverly Hills because I was pay him to do my makeup for every major event. He's awesome, very personable and very comforting.

I only bought three items just because that's all my wallet would allow:

I bought Plum and Nutmeg True Color Eye Shadows and Bondi Beach Colour Core Moisture Stain Lipstick. It's a lot softer in person; a lovely pink nude brown that suits a lot of different skin tones.

And here's a picture of my makeover in natural lighting:

I had a lot of fun but I'm pretty sure I'd would have loved this more if I had one of my sisters or girlfriends with me. But I think I'm the only one in my group crazy enough to haul ass downtown at 7:30AM on Saturday morning to see this Beauty Fashion Show. I give the husbands/boyfriends much props for accompanying their wives/girlfriends.

That's love or they're making up for something stupid they did the week before. 


  1. I wish I had gone to the show, loving all the fashion and you look so beautiful with the LMDB makeup...I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, come check it out:)

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  3. I really like the bright color jeans and the maxi dress :) Your makeup looks gorgeous!! I love the two eyeshadows you chose. I like the larger pan-size and the great texture & pigmentation of LMdB shadows. :)

    1. Hi MM,
      Thanks - I am truly loving LMdB right now. It's very dangerous as we know the high price tag it yields. I now own 4 eye shadows - I could have bought a kaliedoscope, right? Oh well, guess that means I should save up for one and put the breaks on my LMdB habit for now.
      Yes, I still want those bright jeans!

  4. Hello this story came up on my Google reader and I liked it so much I shared it with our audience in our headline blog. Way to go and thanks for the info!