Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scenes from Nordstrom SF Beauty Trend Show, 6/2

I just wanted to share just a few pics because I am currently editing the hundred or so pics I snapped and since I got there a bit later than I hoped, my seat wasn't the best. I am doing the best I can to crop people's heads out of the way.

This is part one.

Kara's Cupcakes

Why was breakfast just coffee and cupcakes? Yes, the cupcake I had was delicious but I felt really sick after downing my coffee and scarfing down this lemon cupcake.

This is Joelle Russo, Nordstrom's Beauty Director, with some eye candy holding up Clarisonic brushes - of course! According to my seat mate, Sabrina, Joelle was wearing the exact same thing (including shoes/accessories) last year - isn't that a fashion faux pas? She was still entertaining nevertheless.

Some lovely images of the models:


NARS National Artist, Janice Daod. I've had the opportunity to meet Janice, as she's based in SF, and she is so delightful and surprisingly she remember my name every time she sees me. I guess she always remembers the fanatical NARS fans!

Laura Mercier for the Nordstrom Bridal Department

I am a bad reporter as I forgot to take down the name of this LM National Artist. But doesn't he look cute working his pink tee?


Again, I forgot this gentleman's name but he has a lovely French accent and he was telling us the Jennifer Anniston's favorite home candle scent is Tuberose. Well, I'm glad she's got good taste in scent!

I forgot who's makeup/skincare this model is representing but isn't her paisley dress adorable? And I am feeling that glowing skin. I am lucky that I was sitting in the middle maybe four rows back? I got the models to look at my camera and smile.

That's my sneak peek for now. I'll post Part 2. tomorrow. I'll also reveal my makeover with LMdB and the items I picked up.


  1. Hi Lexi--- loved the bright colors in your pictures! It's awesome that Janice remembers you! I've never seen her in person :)

  2. Hi Dovey,
    Thanks - the colors really get you in the mood for Summer. I was super flattered when she remembered me - I was picking up the tinted moisturizer when it first hit the counter and she said she remembered me from the big NARS event Nordstrom SF hosted a year ago. She's got a great memory considering that event was packed! Did you attend this year's event?

    1. Hi Lexi? This year's event? Hm, I haven't been to the Nordies NARS in a while! I did go to the spring trend show, but not summer!