Friday, July 1, 2011

MAC Evolution Revolution....saying thanks to the girl I blame for my oversized makeup stash!

Back in the year 2008, my little sister recommended I check out a few beauty blogs when I complained to her that I was getting sick of Facebook or I'd bombard her with the question: should I close my Myspace account? There are quite a few that I still read regularly to this day but it's Karen's Makeup and Beauty Blog that always keeps me company at work or at home.

Karen was there through my pregnancy and she got me through my maternity leave. I learned to perfect my smoky eye through her, she help me accept the less than perfect parts of me by admitting to all her readers that she occasionally has to shave her toes. She's a year younger than me so she shares my love of everything 80's and 90's! Her Dolce & Gabbana posts got me to set aside my judgement on certain designers that all of the sudden come out with cosmetic lines and give it a fair shot, same goes for the Burberry line. But because she's Filipino (I'm half) and we're the same skin tone (NC42), I really felt she was speaking directly to me. If it worked on her skin tone, then I was golden!

Karen is like your sister, your BFF, your therapist. Her blog continues to put a smile on my face and a deep desire to acquire all the MAC, Chanel, D&G, NARS in the world!

Because of her (and other supportive friends), I am writing here on my very own blog to share my experiences with you.

So in honor of Ms. Karen - please take a look:

(If you look closely, you can see the tiny sparkle amidst the soft peachy-pink gloss)

(I feared that this may be too light to give me any definition)

You can see the fine gold, blue-green, purple shimmer and on my NC42 skin this gloss definitely shows up as a peach color. 

And here it is bare on my lips:

Not the most flattering image of my lips, I know but I do love the subtle shimmer on  my lips. Maybe I'll try layering some primer or concealer over my lips to get a more even look.

I was curious to see just how versatile this so I tested it out:

(nude peach look with Cream O'Spice Cremestick Liner)

(Pink Coral - gloss layered on top of MAC Fresh Salmon lipstick)

And my favorite:

(MAC Chestnut Lip Pencil, NARS Hot Vodoo and Evolution Revolution dabbed in the center)

I have expressed in the past my dislike for the MAC Lipglass because it always seems to irritate my lips by the end of the evening and I wake up with itchiness around my natural lip lines but I think if I wear this sparingly, I should be okay. I did test it for a full day and yes, I felt a little discomfort but if I wear this along with some lip balm and lipstick that plays well on my lips I should be okay. We'll see how my lips look in the morning.

**Happy to report, my lips held up well in the morning. I think I can only wear lipglass sparingly, that said I hope I don't jinx myself!!**
But because Karen has been there for me for the past 3 yrs. I wanted to pay my respects to her for getting me through a dull and mundane work day and I'm sure my husband would want to tell her to get me to STOP buying (almost) everything she reviews.

For the background her Lipglass concept, click here.

Evolution Revolution Lipglass and the entire Bloggers' Obsession collection available online only.


Christine's Jealousy Wakes is currently sold out - BOO! I feel really bad for missing this one because her blog was another one that sucked me into the whole Beauty Blog Vortex!

If only NARS would pay tribute to bloggers that obsess over his collection. I would write a 500 word essay on 'Why I should design an eye shadow duo or blush"


  1. Awesome! Evolution Revolution was my favorite from the bloggers collection. It's peachy pink and (micro)glittery, how could you go wrong? Haven't ordered it, because I'm knee high in glosses I haven't used up yet. I agree that Karen's blog is amazing! I came across it later, but now I'm hooked.

  2. Love Karen's blog-she's great! I ordered this gloss as well, and Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle! I was also disappointed that Jealousy Wakes sold out so quickly--it looks like a pretty color. But I guess it's for the best as I sure don't need any more eye shadow! :0)

  3. Dovey,
    That gloss is so your comfort zone - kudos to you for holding out!

    Makeup Magpie,
    I also wanted Hocus Pocus e/s but that sold out too!