Friday, September 23, 2011

Dolce and Gabbana Passion Duo

I am a huge HOOR for glosses. This should not be late breaking news to anyone. However, what is news is that I started paying attention to lipsticks again. Especially, with Fall waiting for us this weekend I am craving something with more bite and staying power. Also, I just did some inventory on my current gloss supply - I really don't need another for a couple of years.

Lucky for me Dolce and Gabbana has introduced the Passion Duo, a gloss fusion lipstick. It's a multi-tasking product that contains gloss in the middle of the lipstick. This is like the Estee Lauder gloss/lipstick duo, Sensuous Rouge, I reviewed last week. But I think I like the D&G version a little better.

I chose the shade, Poetic, a warm toned magenta. It's very subtle, but you can see bits of fine glitter in the gloss portion. I will be wearing this with a nude eye and lots of layers of black mascara. I would guess the lipstick portion is the classic cream formula. It has a great amount of pigment - it's very creamy. I actually tested and this before going to the gym. I blotted this just to tone down the intensity. Even as a stain, I still felt moisture on my lips endure through an intense treadmill walk until an hour session of pilates. This stays moist on my lips longer than the Estee Lauder version.

I had to hold back and put down the nudes and soft pinks. I decided to go with the bold statement color.

And here it is again but this time with flash:

Here it is compared to the other bright pink and fuchsia in my current collection:

MAC Lickable, Cremesheen Formula is a cool blue toned hot pink and NYX Chloe is a red-violet fuchsia (sorry, was that redundant?).

It's a great color and but what really does it for me is the formula. As you know, I have super sensitive lips and this feels great on my lips. Sorry, but if I have to choose I'm going to have to go with this version - even though it's $6 more than EL's ($28). Plus, I love the rose scent of this lipstick - not the generic packaged rose scent you are use to but it's more like the faded scent of your Nana's sweater rubbed off on you after  spending the entire day with her.

As far as packaging - the Passion Duo tube is a bit longer and slender: I love hearing that "CLICK" when you close the lid. A sickness, I know but only the truly mad beauty addicts know what I'm talking about!

A quick note - there are a bit more ounces in the regular lipstick (.13oz) vs. 0.10oz in the Passion Duo lipstick. I will probably only pick out one more tube, because of the high price tag.

I don't think this is a limited edition - if I am wrong please correct me! There is also a total of 10 shades - I'm sure there is something for everyone!!

Purchased by yours truly at my local Saks Fifth Avenue, SF. You can also find it online if you are not anywhere near a Saks counter.

$34 USD/.10oz


  1. I have been waiting to see a review on these, thank you they sound great! I will have to get one now, I'll be buying online so hopefully the colours on the Harrods site are realistic ;)

  2. Thanks Replica,
    I hope you do have great luck with this. I just get really excited over a lip product that doesn't make my lips peel and itch the next day!

    Yeah it's tough to judge the colors online if you haven't seen them on person. How close are you to Harrods?

    Good luck, my dear!

  3. The packaging is gorgeous! I was actually googling D&G makeup recently and saw this duo. I didn't understand what it was, but I do now!

    It's something I'd love to try, although I'd probably choose the most muted color possible, knowing me =)

  4. Dovey,
    The nude pink is lovely - you need to check it out if you have a chance. I'm definitely returning for a nude or chocolate brown when I'm ready.

  5. I'm not near Harrods sadly, would have to get the train to get there. I have just ordered one on line, I went for one of the more natural/nude looking colours, can't wait to get it :)

  6. Replica,
    Sorry to hear that. I did see the nude pink in person and it is lovely. Well I think that's the nude option. I hope it works for you. I can't wait to see your review!

  7. Beautiful shade! I had a small D&G haul recently, but I did not pick up the Passion Duo lippies. Saks is having a beauty event now, so it is a good time to go back and check these out:)

  8. Hi Rola,
    Thanks for stopping by!Unfortunately, rent is preventing me from paying a visit to Saks. Otherwise, I would be sharing the new Passion duos and the pretty metallic giveaway bag I'd snag from Saks!

    What did you pick up?

  9. Hi, I picked up the new creamy foundation, eyeshadow duo in Cinnamon, and cream lipstick in Cashmere. I am loving everything so far. BTW, I am your newest follower, looking forward to your posts:)

  10. Thanks Rola!! And likewise - I am YOUR latest follower. I took a peek at your loot - good finds!