Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Estee Lauder - Pure Color - Sensuous Rouge

Hey, do you remember that cool gum from the 80's, Chewel?

One bite and you get the flavor burst. It was like two gums in one.

This is how I feel when I see lipstick like this new one from Estee Lauder, the new Pure Color - Sensuous Rouge Collection.

See the soft center:

According to the Estee Lauder site, the outside is the creamy color while center is a "lip-loving elixir". This lipstick contains moisturizing fruit extracts like: red raspberry seed oil, passionfruit, murumuru and shea butters. Is that the what lip-loving elixir is? You have 12 shades to choose from and I went with Rose Exposed because I lack a solid rose shade that I can wear 8 hrs at the office, on date night and even at the playground with my daughter - if I was in the mood to do so.

It is a lovely warm red-pink with a very light shimmer - a great shade to wear year round. The scent is also different. The EL lipsticks and glosses usually have a fig scent, this particular collection of lipsticks have a warm vanilla scent. If anything, it reminds me of the Tahitian Vanilla extract I bake with.

It does go on with plenty of slip and when it dries it remains comfortable on the lips. It lasted for a good four hours at the playground. I didn't really drink a whole lot during the time so that may helped with the duration of the pigment. I do like the stain it leaves on my lips. It doesn't settle into the fine lines of my lips. I will note that I did layer this on top of my Kiehl's Lip Balm #1. This hasn't left my lips raw and peeling the next day **knock on wood**

I apologize - this is actually a bit more red in person. You can actually see some of the fine shimmer.

Final Assessment: out of 12 shades, I'm pretty sure I can find at least one more to add to my collection.

This was purchased by your truly at Macy's. This is available at all fine departments stores and online.


  1. that is SOOO cool that the inside is more like liquid mushy form.. and i loved that you equated it to candy bahahaha. :p

  2. Okay, I exaggerated - it's not a liquid form. It's just when I see lipsticks like this I automatically think of Chewel or Fresh'en Up gum!

    I try to relate makeup to either candy or liquor. It's how I roll!

  3. I remember that gum! :) This looks like a great shade, and I'm glad to hear they changed the scent to vanilla for these.

  4. Hello Ms. MM!
    Yeah I liked this gum and Fresh'en Up!

    I like the fig scent but I can get use to the Vanilla.

    You think you're gonna try these out?