Monday, September 19, 2011

Mineral Eye Shadow Duo - Nuance/Salma Hayek

The other product I picked up from Salma's Nuance line is the Mineral Eyeshadow Duo. I am a HUGE sucker for a  sexy, summer golden-bronzed shadow on my eyes. So you know I had to pick up this lovely duo of copper and bronze. The copper is a rusty brown sheen with finely milled gold glitter. I like that this isn't heavy on the red tones. It does go on a bit sheer so you may find yourself packing this one on the lid but it goes on smoothly and not patchy (so annoying). The feel of the shadow is soft but not buttery soft as an Urban Decay or even Wet n Wild. The feel reminds me of a MAC Satin finish. The bronze is like a sparkly, dirty gold color - I love this shade. I also love that I did not experience any glitter fallout from either shade on my cheekbones. The feel of this bronze has a bit more texture feel, not as smooth as the copper - definitely not a deal breaker. I love layering the the bronze on top of the copper - it makes my eyes glow. I have worn this on top of my trusty Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer and it does last a full eight hours.I have to admit that while taking a class at the gym, I couldn't stop looking at my eyes when I wore this. I am equally impressed with this duo as I am with the gloss I reviewed the other day.

Here's a swatch on my (NC 42) arm. As you can see the copper is pretty sheer but it makes a lovely lid base color to layer with other shades. 

As for the packaging - I like that the lid is transparent so you can see what color it is but I wish it was a bit slimmer - it's a bit bulky. 

And last but not least - the eye of the day shot:

Bronze on the lid/Copper in the crease/UD Smog 24/7 Waterproof Eye Liner. 

My final assessment - It is a lovely duo and a great catch for well under $10. One would be hard pressed not to find a suitable duo out of a collection of 6. 

This was bought by yours truly at my local CVS Pharmacy for $8.49 (0.17oz) but is currently on sale for $6.79. 

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